Danielle Antoon Cobb named Director of Alumni Affairs at Northwestern State

Danielle Antoon Cobb has been named director of Alumni Affairs at Northwestern State University. Her appointment has been approved by the Board of Supervisors for the University of Louisiana System.

Cobb has been associate director of alumni affairs since 2019. Her duties have included enhancing participation from both alumni and non-alumni supporters in the areas of membership, attendance, affinity efforts and volunteer endeavors, working closely with the director of the NSU Foundation to determine and ensure institutional and organizational goals are met and planning and executing all alumni related events and reunions sponsored by the Office of University Advancement.

She was associate director of development at NSU before shifting into alumni affairs. Cobb was senior community development manager for the American Cancer Society from 2014-2019. She is a member of the the Service League of Natchitoches where she was president in 2020-21 and a past member of Kiwanis of Natchitoches and Les Amies Service Organization.

A 2010 Northwestern State graduate in hospitality management and tourism, Cobb had an interest in working with the university’s alumni since her time as a student.

“I worked as a student worker in the Office of Alumni Affairs and genuinely enjoyed the comradery held among all alumni that I met,” said Cobb. “Their love for NSU and the tone of their voices when speaking of their time at NSU really made a mark on me. The alumni I encountered showed me that NSU is a small city within Natchitoches, and even being from Natchitoches, I could make my own mark at NSU.”

Cobb said her favorite part of the job is meeting new alumni and hearing their favorite memories from their time at NSU.

“Some memories are like mine, and others are completely different,” said Cobb. “That is what makes our university so unique. Everyone, no matter their background or walk of life, has the opportunity to make their own unique memories here.”

Cobb developed strong ties to Northwestern as she was growing up. Both her parents were NSU alumni. Her father, Johnny Antoon, was a successful Natchitoches businessman who employed two generations of NSU students. Her mother, Merle Antoon, was chapter advisor for Sigma Sigma Sorority for many years, which gave Cobb “80 college girls who were, in my eyes, my best friends.” Cobb’s husband Daniel is a 2011 NSU graduate as is her brother Michael who graduated in 2007.

“I always tossed around the idea of going elsewhere to obtain my undergraduate degree, but the truth is, I simply did not want to leave home,” said Cobb. “The college students who were employed by my parents are also present in my memories from my childhood. They picked up my brother and I from school many times due to my father becoming sidetracked and forgetting us. These memories, along with attending NSU sporting events, molded me into a young lady who simply loved NSU and Natchitoches. Many of my friends my senior year were ready to fly the coop and leave Natchitoches. I tossed around the idea, but deep down, I knew this was where I belonged. NSU molded me into the person I am today, and for that, I am forever grateful.”

As alumni director, Cobb plans to provide opportunities for Northwestern alumni to get together to reconnect. She hopes to create on-campus experiences as well as events in communities around the country where alumni live. Cobb doesn’t intend to wait until graduation to involve current students and will create events and activities to make students aware of the Alumni Association.

Cobb believes NSU alumni play a crucial role in the continued success and development of the university.

“When I consider donating monetarily or even donating my time to NSU, I do so in hopes that it benefits a younger version of myself, someone currently enrolled at NSU,” said Cobb. “Many people think, ‘I cannot afford to support financially so I am not going to support at all.’ There are so many ways in which you can support, other than financially. Telling your story about your time at NSU is huge. Your story could be the deciding factor for someone as to whether they attend our institution. Wear your NSU gear proudly. You never know the conversations it will spark. Another way in which you can support is by volunteering your time and talents to NSU. No matter what your background, everyone has a gift to offer in which they can support NSU.”