The 2022 NSU Cheer Team Continues a Tradition of Excellence!

Over 20 young men and women vied for the opportunity to become a member of NSU’s 2022-23 Cheer Team. The process took place over several weekends in NSU’s Prather Coliseum, culminating in the final day of tryouts Saturday, April 23 after which the team was chosen for the year.

This year’s squad consists of 21 young men and women. The cheer team keeps fan spirits at a high level at NSU Football, basketball and volleyball games with their signature cheers, flips and stunts. They are also ambassadors for NSU at community events throughout the year.

This year’s team will start work right away. They will be attending camp at Texas A&M where they will learn, compete and prepare for the upcoming sports seasons. They will be competing in their own right as a team at a national cheer competition held at Disneyworld in January.

Our parish high schools have always been well represented on the NSU cheer team, with several members who are St. Mary’s and NCHS alumni. This year’s squad will feature three new members who are NCHS alumni, Christopher Anthony, Madelyn Spillman and Hunter Broadway.

The Natchitoches Parish Journal congratulates Christopher, Madelyn and Hunter on their well earned places on the team. We look forward to seeing you perform during the upcoming school year. Fork ‘em Demons!