Fire District 4 educations youth during Fire Prevention Week

Natchitoches Parish Fire District 4 finished out Fire Prevention Week strong after presentations at the Lil Rascals Daycare and Provencal Elementary school engaging approximately 250 students.

Chief James Dupree and members of Fire District 4 brought home the messages of Fire Prevention and Fire Safety with displays of apparatus and equipment including Engine 1, Tanker 1 and personal protective gear used by firefighters, demonstrated by Firefighter Daniel Ramstad. Members walked students through the steps of how to escape a smoke-filled room, how to call for help through the 911 emergency system, don’t play with matches and lighters, if you see a fire tell an adult, and know your home address.

The presentations were capped off by a hands-on experience for the students going through the City of Natchitoches Fire Department’s Fire Safety Trailer, which simulates the interior of a residential structure that has filled with smoke. Thanks to Ricky Coe, Bryan Miller and Assistant Chief Brad Woodel, who operated the Fire Safety Trailer, giving the students a completely different view as they negotiated the interior to escape on their on hands and knees to stay below the smoke and simulated heat levels.

Special thanks to Dan and Sherri Gongre and Gary Robertson for setting up the presentations and passing out Fire Prevention and Education materials to the students.

Also a shout out to Chief John Wynn, Jr. and Training Officer Brady Dupree of the City of Natchitoches Fire Department for providing the Fire Safety Trailer.