City Council tables rezoning ordinance, resident works to revitalize neighborhood

The Natchitoches City Council tabled an ordinance to change the zoning classification of property located at 329 Keegan Drive from R-1 Residential and B-1 Commercial to B-2 Commercial for the purpose of resale.

Dr. Rand Metoyer, who the Council recognized for the work he’s doing to revitalize some of the homes in this area, wants to subdivide the lot he owns. The lot is currently 23,700 sq ft. Metoyer renovated the house on the front of the lot and wants to subdivide it to create its own 9,800 sq ft lot. The remaining 14,000 sq ft sits on the Southwest corner of East Fifth and Scarborough. Metoyer wants to rezone this section of the lot for commercial use. He feels there’s enough room for a 2,000-3,000 sq ft business with ample parking at this location.

Everything around the lot is commercial, and while the area was residential in the 70s, everything has changed and there’s now a lot of other businesses nearby (Tax Commission Office, City Bank, and soon Chick-fil-A.

The reason the Council voted to table this item is not because they found issue with it, but because the Ordinance only mentioned the rezoning and not the subdividing. They explained to Metoyer that the records of what the City Council votes on has to match the records of what the Planning and Zoning Commission voted on previously. The item was tabled so the ordinance can be rewritten to include the information on the subdivision of the lot. It should come back before the Council at its next meeting, which will be held on Monday, Nov. 14 at 5:30 pm.