Parish Council creates commission

The Natchitoches Parish Council voted to appoint James Rhodes and Wayne Halm to the Economic Development District Commission as one of the beginning steps to forming the commission.

A few months ago the Council voted to create four Economic Development Districts for Natchitoches Parish. Maps are being drawn up now. The commission will be a board of five people to oversee all economic development districts in the parish. Applications are open for the remaining three seats. The goal is to have representative for every community in the parish sitting on the commission.

First Introduction of Proposed Ordinances:

  • Add Sim Foshee Road back into the Parish Road System
  • Amend the pay scale in the Personnel Manual
  • Begin charging a road permit charge of $50 beginning Jan.1, 2023 for all road permits in the parish
  • DIED FOR LACK OF A MOTION: Amend Ordinance 002-2015 to remove Article III (Health Hazards Section 20-7(b) regarding written notice to property owners). Before the property owner is subject to any penalties under this section, he/she shall be notified in writing of the particular health hazard that exists on the property which is in violation of this section, and shall be given 10 days to correct the condition without a penalty. The parish may extend such time for good cause upon written request of the property owner. Such request shall specify the reasons for which the extension is requested. If the parish approves an extension, the property owner shall be notified in writing and advised in such notice of the new removal deadline. For purposes of this section, the term “owner” shall be defined as the individual, group of individuals, or one or more businesses, agencies, or organizations or other entities having title to the property containing the building or structure in question. In the case of multiple owners having undivided interests in the property, notice shall be issued to all owners of record or to all owners of record having authority to administer the property on behalf of all owners, as is in each case appropriate.
  • DIED FOR LACK OF A MOTION: Remove 1 mile of the Mora Hutton Road from the Parish Road System. Crowell Forest Resources LLC manages land for Crowell Land and Mineral Corporation for their Natchitoches Parish holdings (nearly 750 acres of land). According to the request, there are no residents living on the Mora-Hutton Road. It’s used as a pass-through for residents crossing the “Devil’s Swamp” area, either headed to Mora or vice versa toward Hutton. Once crossing Devil’s Swamp, heading North, there are two roads that are used as a pass through to Kisatchie/Mora, Fate Martin Road and Mora-Hutton Road.

Other agenda items:

  • Re-appoint Ralph Ingram to the Natchitoches Parish Port
  • Appoint Bryan Miller to the Natchitoches Parish Fire District 4 Board
  • Appoint Kirk A. Leone Sr. to the Natchitoches Parish Fire District 6 Board
  • Council to announce a public meeting
  • DIED FOR LACK OF A MOTION: Amend Ordinance Section 125: Density restriction in the parish and all its participating municipalities. The Planning and Zoning Commission for the parish has come across issues for addressing division requirements for multiple home structures on a parcel or acreage of land. The amendment will make the maximum gross density (number of individual dwelling units) on any parcel of land or development zoned I-A shall not exceed two dwelling units per parcel. Any additional dwelling placements shall require subdivision of the parcel to satisfy the density restrictions. 
  • Change zoning from I-A District to a Business-3 District for the purpose of a club on a 1.49 acre tract of land subdivided from a 27.9-acre parent tract located at 6539 Hwy. 71 in Clarence
  • Approve holding an election in Fire Protection District No. 7 on Saturday, March 25, 2023 to authorize the renewal of a special tax therein (10 mills)
  • Award bids for the following Highway/Solid Waste items: Tires to Despino’s Tires; Grader Blades to Dogged Machinery Services; Silty Clay Soil to FFT Trucking; Stone Rip Rap 30lb, Stone Riprap 3×5, and Base Coarse Aggregate SB2 to Madden Contractors; HP Cold Mix to Diamond B Construction; and Culverts to Coburns Supply. Everything is going up in costs. The companies listed are the lowest bidders.
  • Approve insurances for the parish including health, retiree supplemental health, dental and vision. Projected to have a cost savings of $71,000 this year over last year.
  • Award insurances for the parish including worker’s compensation, auto, inland marine, cyber security, property, and public officials liability