DA announces prison sentence in protective order violation case

District Attorney Billy Joe Harrington announced the sentencing today in felony violation of a protective order case.

Ron Cleon Johnson, 52 of Natchitoches, was convicted in November after a two-day jury trial of three counts of violation of a protective order. The defendant was a former domestic partner of the victim, and was previously ordered by the court by a domestic violence protective order to cease all forms of contact with the victim.

However, Johnson contacted the victim in violation of the protective order by telephoning her while he was incarcerated for previous charges of domestic abuse violence.

District Court Judge Desiree Dyess sentenced Johnson to the maximum amount of six years total of incarceration for the three guilty verdicts in the case.

The District Attorney’s Office filed a bill of information for the court to declare Johnson a habitual offender based on the guilty verdicts and his extensive criminal history. The court set a hearing date for Feb. 2, 2023 to consider the matter which would enhance the length of sentencing.

Assistant District Attorney Bray Williams and Special Prosecutor Clifford R. Strider, III prosecuted the case.