Welcome to Our Community and the NSU Family! – Dr. Jasmine Wise

Dr. Jasmine Wise is the newest faculty member at Northwestern State University, arriving on campus earlier this month to assume her duties as the new Coordinator of NSU’s Black Studies Minor and Assistant Professor. Dr Wise is a Monroe, Louisiana native, graduating from Ouachita High School in 2008 after which she earned her undergraduate degree from Xavier University in New Orleans before going on to earn her Doctorate in Applied Sociology from Texas’ Baylor University.

NSU’s Black Studies Minor is intended to broaden its students’ horizons and is a useful adjunct to any of the university’s degree programs. The Minor draws from Anthropology, History, Sociology, English, and Music to explore the Black experience. The program was the result of requests from NSU students who felt a need for a program to address the totality of the Black experience from the perspective of a variety of disciplines.

Dr. Wise has hit the ground running, meeting and getting to know her fellow faculty members, but also the students of NSU. Her goals for the program include spreading the word about the opportunities offered by the Black Studies Minor and recruiting more students into the program. She is also reaching beyond NSU into the broader community to increase awareness of Black Studies and its usefulness to students. Lastly, she is looking to involve her students in service to the local community. 

The Natchitoches Parish Journal would like to take this opportunity to welcome Dr, Jasmine Wise to our community and wish her every success in her academic career.