Boys to Men Club, Ladies of Love Tour GSU

The Boys to Men Club and the Ladies of Love Service Group made a great partnership together as the two groups joined hands in touring the campus of Grambling State University on Jan. 27.
Guided by Shamodre Green, a senior at the GSU working in the Recruiting Office, the groups got a first-hand look at on-campus life in things such as the President’s Home, classrooms, the Eddie G. Robinson Memorial Museum, dormitories, football stadium, and the McCall Dining Hall for lunch.
The groups ended their tour and departed with some Grambling t-shirts and other small souvenirs purchased from a shop on campus.
The experience will always be an unforgettable one for these students because many of them do not get such opportunities as this everyday.
The leaders of the two groups, Jermaine Thomas and Tiffney Allen, both employees at NJH, are continuing to strive for excellence within the lives of these young men and women.
The Boys to Men Club and Ladies of Love Service Group are youth groups both housed at NJH. For more information on the Boys to Men Club and/or the Ladies of Love Service Group, contact Mr. Jermaine Thomas at and/or Mrs. Tiffney Allen at