NSU statement on E-Lab and M-Lab Closures

Elementary Lab:
On Jan. 25 the heat exchanger at Northwestern State University’s Warren Easton Elementary Lab school failed. On Jan. 26, the heat tube assembly was ordered and shipped via express delivery from the manufacturer with an anticipated arrival date of Jan. 31. The part was shipped from Connecticut and due to the current winter storm, this delivery has been delayed. We know that the part has left Ohio and is enroute. NSU has prepped the equipment and is ready for installation upon delivery. The NSU physical plant staff are on stand by and prepared to work until installation is complete once received.

Middle Lab:
The Northwestern State University Teacher Education Center and Middle Lab School had a failure in their hot water supply and return pipes on Jan. 31. Pipe fitters were onsite on Feb. 1 to begin the repairs along with NSU personnel. Fabrication of the new pipes has been completed and workers have returned on Feb. 2 to install the new pipes. Installation should be completed late Thursday afternoon (Feb. 2) or early Friday morning (Feb. 3).

NSU will continue to monitor both projects to ensure that services are restored and ready for school on Monday.