Letter to Natchitoches Citizens

Dear Natchitoches Citizens,

Natchitoches Parish Library is vital to our community and so is the funding that supports the many services and resources made available through our parish library! I stand behind the funding required to support their many outreaches. I see the fruits of their efforts utilized by hundreds of patrons on a daily basis.

Currently I work as the librarian at the NSU E-Lab and teach students in kindergarten through the 5th grade. Our students use the digital resources made available with their library card several times each day. They have access to approved resources thankfully through the support of NPL’s staff who come to train our faculty and give class instruction as needed. They have helped us navigate student shortcuts with Natchitoches Parish School Board staff to meet the needs of our students. They now have access to World Book Online, National Geographic Kids, e-books, easy access to free tutoring through Homework Louisiana, and so much more free of charge. They are able to access these same resources at home and parent testimonies further my belief that our support to funding of our parish library is essential!

We have also used their book mobile to give our students access to the latest books when our funding was not able to do so. The NPL accommodates our classes with field trips and special programming. Their accommodating support to every request made has enhanced our student learning on many levels.

I can’t say enough about the NPL staff, facility, outreaches, and programming and believe our community is enriched through their services. Watching their growth, gives me confidence that continued funding will not only sustain what has been established but will give the means to grow with the needs of Natchitoches.


Lisa Wiggins