Tell Your Story: You’re Not Alone

By Joshua Webb

If we begin to see our lives as some form of art, perhaps it can change our perspective. True art is in many ways open to interpretation. A skilled artist creates and is intimately in control of what comes next. Not every stroke of the brush will be perfect. Therefore, if we view our lives as art, we become not only an artist, but we are in charge of our own destiny. When we don’t give up, we change our imperfections into something beautiful.

All destinations were first a journey. A trek that begins with one simple decision; the choice to put one foot in front of the other, just as a painter chooses to pick up their brush before a masterpiece can be created.

I believe every artist, no matter the form of art, needs a muse. They need someone or something in their life that motivates them so they’re inspired enough to bring their talents to fruition. Sometimes the artist needs help along the way to find their muse. To discover for the first time what or who inspires them. To realize they are not alone, just as you are not alone.

My hope, my desire in life is to show those who believe that no one wants to hear their story, that someone does. That we are all broken in some way. We all have more in common than we want to admit, if we get down to our infinite common need of love. May I be the first to say I am among those who are shattered. That I too need love and hope to put myself back together. That’s the root of my story. What’s yours? Tell your story and you may be surprised who needs to hear it.

Joshua, a native of east Texas and a frequent visitor to Natchitoches, is himself a chronic illness thriver. He’s been living with multiple sclerosis and epilepsy for over 15 years. He works as a motivational speaker and advocate for others living with all forms of chronic illnesses. He is the founder and chairman of a nonprofit: The You Matter Project, LLC. To share your story, or to inquire regarding speaking to any size group, he may be reached via email at

You may also find him @you_matter_ms on Instagram. The website for his nonprofit is linked in his bio.