School Board approves tax exemption for RoyOMartin

The Natchitoches Parish School Board approved Martco LLC’s application #20220260 for an Industrial Tax Exemption up to $9,538,206 at its Feb. 9 board meeting. This is an 80 percent exemption. Board member Emile Metoyer made a motion to only grant a 50 percent exemption, but after much discussion, his motion was amended and the original request for an 80 percent exemption was approved (with Metoyer and Board member Dorothy McGaskey voting against the amendment and 80 percent exemption).

According to School Board Finance Director lee Waskom, the school board’s portion of the 80 percent exemption equals around $13,000 annually, which is a “financially insignificant amount of money” within the grand scheme of the overall budget. It’s exemptions like these that allow RoyOMartin to complete expansions at its plant, like the $120 million expansion several years ago. This in turn allows them to add jobs, which they strive to fill with Natchitoches residents. It also allows them to have a Woodworks program in place at area schools where they educate students, and often end up hiring them after graduation. Enrollment in this program this year includes 43 students at Natchitoches Central and 25 at Lakeview.

Motion to adopt performance pay for instructional staff to the 2022-2023 salary schedule with the Highly effective pay for Principals at $650 and Effective Proficient pay for Principals at $550.

Motion to approve Third Party Cooperative Arrangement (TPCA) between NPSB and Louisiana Rehabilitation Services (LRS) effective August 1, 2023 to July 31, 2026 and authorize the Superintendent to sign all required paperwork.

Motion to approve out-of-state travel for district employees to Indianapolis, IN, March 22-25, 2023 for NIET Conference.

Motion to approve permission to put out for RFP services for on campus banking at Lakeview and NCHS.

Adopt Technology Department Restructure as presented, which includes the creation of 3 positions (2 Network Support Technicians, 1 Technology Support Specialist), and adopt the Job Descriptions as Presented.

Motion to enter into a contract with Frantz Law Group, APLC to take part in national vaping litigation against Altria and other major vaping manufacturers, producers, distributors, and consultants.

Motion to approve changing the April board meeting dates to April 11th and 13, and October board meeting dates to October 3rd and 5th.

Motion to adopt addendum to 2022-2023 NPSB Pupil Progression plan.

Motion to adopt the School Board Member Training Resolution for the year 2022 required hours.

Motion to approve memorandum of understanding between Courtyard of Natchitoches and NPSB for emergency preparedness.

Motion to approve Superintendent contract proposal option #3 for the amendment of the current contract, through December 31, 2024.