Candies & Candles – Family Fun and Learning at Natchitoches’ Own Colonial Fort!

The Interpretive Rangers at Natchitoches’ Fort St. Jean Baptiste treated visitors to some illuminative and delicious history lessons Saturday, February 11. The fort hosted “Candies and Candles”, at which the staff demonstrated candle making and confectionary arts using authentic colonial era methods and recipes adopted to modern times (for example, making candy using modern kitchen equipment while staying faithful to the 18th century recipe.) Visitors were able to sample colonial era treats such as chocolate and lemon drops. They were also able to learn about candle making-an essential skill in the centuries before electric lighting.
Fort St Jean Baptiste, located at 155 Jefferson St. in Natchitoches, is a superb resource for family fun and learning. From flintlocks and cannons to cooking and everyday life, the fort’s staff is a font of knowledge. The staff is also enthusiastic about sharing their love of history. Fort St Jean Baptiste is a wonderful place to take your family on a trip through time!