School District celebrates Black History Month

The Natchitoches Parish School Board is celebrating Black History Month by featuring students and employees like Kanika Revels, Executive Secretary at the Central Office.

“I take pride in the strides and accomplishments of my ancestors every day,” said Revels. “To be able to witness the history being made especially by African American women, I can’t help but to be inspired by them. Women like Maya Angelou with her powerful and thought-provoking words that help me go deeper with my thoughts and expressions. Or women like Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris who defied the odds and broke barriers with their recent political positions that many thought could and should never take place. These women, with style and grace, have shown the world that the African American community can endure and succeed. All of my life I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by my ‘own’ Maya’s, Michelle’s and Kamala’s. My mother and aunts showed me how to hold my head up high and keep my eye on the next prize, no matter how many times I stumbled or got knocked down. They taught me to always be graceful and keep God first. I know that there are generations watching me and I am determined to give them what the women in my life instilled in me.”