Jr. High JAG students learn about Ware Youth Center

Assistant Director at Ware Youth Center Melissa Townsend spoke to students in Natchitoches Jr. High’s JAG program on Feb. 15. She opened the discussion with a brief synopsis of herself, she provided valuable information about the company (i.e. positions, average salary, working hours) and services provided to the offenders housed at Ware Youth Center. 
Pictured: Jayna Curry, Ke’lis Pier, Ky’lia Miller, Makaila Kneuppel, Mrs.Townsend, James Pier, Michael Brown,  Sha’Myreia Paige, Brilee Metoyer, MacKenzie White, Cherish LaCour, Ethan Gourdon, Delilah Jackson, Chelsey Carter-Pier, Daryl Walker, Shane’ Johnson, Maya Woodberry, Rihanna Allen, and Keithen Newton. 
The Jobs for America’s Graduates Middle School Program helps 6th to 8th graders successfully transition to the next grade and from middle to high school. Specialists implement counseling, skills development, career association, and experiential learning to improve academic performance, school behavior, attendance, confidence, participation and self-esteem. Middle School participants improve leadership and effective team member skills.