Meet the Blackman Family-Natchitoches’ Newest Homeowners!

Mr. Kennedy Blackman and Ms. Carolyn Blackman are our community’s newest homeowners. The Blackman family partnered with the Natchitoches Fuller Center for Housing, Inc. in 2003 and on Saturday, February 18 their hard work and dedication over the years was recognized as they were presented the deed for their home after paying off their mortgage.

The Blackmans were joined in celebrating this milestone by volunteers from the Fuller Center, Natchitoches Mayor Ronnie Williams, Councilwoman Betty Sawyer-Smith, and guests from the community. Rev Gary Willis of FUMC Natchitoches gave the opening prayer. Ms. Juanita Fowler, President of the Natchitoches Fuller Center for Housing then presented the Blackman family with a plaque and the deed to their now mortgage free home.

The Fuller Center for Housing is a faith-based non-profit that opened in 2005. They currently operate in 70 communities in the United States as well as 20 countries. Their mission is to partner with individuals in need of housing and assist them in achieving their goals. The homes are built with volunteer labor. The homeowner puts in 300 hours of labor working alongside the community volunteers. The Fuller Center does everything possible to keep the cost of materials and land down so the greatest number of people may become partners in homebuilding. The homeowner signs an interest free mortgage to repay the costs incurred. The Fuller Center makes no profit from the sale. In fact, the payments are turned around and used to build more homes. The homeowners are helping other people achieve their dreams when they make each mortgage payment.

The Fuller Center is a superb organization that is making our community a better place. They are men and women of every race and background who saw a need and are doing something about it. If you would like to donate, volunteer, or otherwise join the men and women of the Natchitoches Fuller Center for Housing, Inc. in changing lives and making our community a better place, please contact Juanita Fowler at You may also get more information at

The Natchitoches Parish Journal wishes to extend its best wishes to the Blackman family on this wonderful occasion. May the Lord grant you many years in your new home!