Vandalism causes vault toilet installation at Longleaf Vista

The Kisatchie Ranger District will replace the flush toilets with new vault toilets at Longleaf Vista, with construction beginning on Feb. 20. Due to all of the heavy equipment in the area, Longleaf Vista and the Longleaf Vista Trail will be closed during this time.

Why are is the district replacing the toilets, you ask?

Because vandals think it humorous to clog the flush toilets repeatedly, causing major water (and other nasty stuff) overflows and resulting in closed bathrooms for much of the year. The best way to solve that problem is to replace the bathrooms with vault toilets. It is sad that a few people ruin nice amenities for everyone.

The district will announce when the replacement is complete and the area is reopened.

Questions? Call the Ranger District office at (318) 472-1840.