Louisiana Wildlife Federation Accepting Nominations for 2022 Conservation Awards

BATON ROUGE –   Nominations are open for Louisiana Wildlife Federation’s 57th Conservation Achievement Awards, which recognizes those persons and organizations in Louisiana that made outstanding contributions during 2022 to the natural resource welfare and environmental quality of their community, parish and the state.

“Louisiana’s wildlife and natural resources are a gift that we must work to conserve so future generations can enjoy the outdoors as we do today,” said Rebecca Triche, executive director for Louisiana Wildlife Federation. “Recognizing individuals, organizations and businesses for their conservation efforts in Louisiana encourages and promotes wise natural resource management and use.”

Nominations are accepted for conservation achievement in nine award categories:

  • Professional – given to an individual in a compensated professional capacity that has made a significant contribution to the management, enhancement, or protection of  Louisiana’s fish, wildlife, air, water, soil or forest resources, or related recreational opportunities.
  • Volunteer – awarded to a person acting in a volunteer capacity during the year that has shown outstanding achievement in the management, enhancement, or protection of Louisiana’s fish, wildlife, air, water, soil or forest resources or related recreational opportunities.
  • Business – this award honors a company, not a person, that has shown significant achievement in pollution abatement, land use planning and management, conservation education/awareness, and habitat stewardship including providing lands for wildlife conservation and public recreation.
  • Educator – this is awarded to an outstanding conservation educator, either in a professional or volunteer role, whose emphasis has been on teaching students or the public, rather than on research or administration. Examples include instructors of hunter safety and outdoor ethics, as well as teachers of natural sciences, fish and wildlife management, environmental design and management, and various aspects of environmental education.
  • Elected Official – awarded to a local, state or federal elected official for their achievements around conservation efforts. All Louisiana elected officials, except the Governor, are eligible in this category.
  • Communications – this is given for the outstanding work by a writer, reporter, radio or TV broadcaster, photographer, artist, cartoonist, radio or TV station, newspaper, website or other publication for increased public awareness around environmental quality and natural resource conservation or has contributed toward the solution of a major conservation problem in Louisiana.
  • Organization – this recognizes a state or local organization for outstanding conservation achievement in addressing significant natural resource management and environmental quality challenges. Examples of organizations might include but are not limited to civic organizations, environmental groups, sportsmen’s clubs and garden clubs. In special cases where government agencies or institutions have accomplished extraordinary work above and beyond their normal responsibilities, such organizations will be considered for this award.
  • Youth – this is awarded to an individual youth, 18 years of age or younger, who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and accomplishment in any phase of conservation work.
  • Youth Organization – this is given to a youth group, with members 18 years of age or younger, who have provided outstanding conservation or related recreational work in addressing significant natural resource management and environmental quality challenges.

Nominations are due on Sunday, April 9, and can be made online at lawildlifefed.org or may be hand-delivered or mailed to Louisiana Wildlife Federation, 8480 Bluebonnet Blvd., Ste. F, Baton Rouge, LA 70810. Submissions with all relevant documents may also be emailed to lwf@lawildlifefed.org.

Award recipients will be honored at a banquet to be held in Baton Rouge.

For more information, call 225-344-6707 or email lwf@lawildlifefed.org.