Update on roadway issue on Hwy. 119 near Magnolia Plantation

There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel for the embankment slide on LA 119 near Magnolia Plantation that was first detected in 2018. The roadway was officially closed in June 2018 as the slide is extensive and poses a risk to the traveling public. Since that time, another large embankment failure has formed, and there are concerns about future failures forming as well.

It was ultimately determined that the slides initially formed on the adjacent property and off DOTD right-of-way.

Over the last several years, DOTD has been in contact with multiple stakeholders such as the National Park Service, the Natchitoches Parish Government, landowners, and state and local elected officials.

DOTD hosted a public meeting on October 27, 2022 in Natchez to share the latest information in the process to determine the best method going forward. Representatives presented a number of alternatives and explained the complexities of the situation.

DOTD is currently wrapping up the environmental assessment process, of which the public meeting was an important component. As part of this process, they’ll be determining the optimal construction method and build alternative. They have analyzed a number of options that take into account cost effectiveness, the possibility of future embankment slides, access to affected properties, and other factors.

They do anticipate being able to start work in the next several months, and will have a more definitive time frame when they complete the environmental portion of the project. They’ll issue an update as soon as that has been determined.

DOTD would like to assure those stakeholders that they’ve been actively working on developing a solution for this situation that best meets the needs of the community and can be realistically funded with the limited dollars available.