NPTCC Celebrates Students with its Spring Spirit Week 

Natchitoches Parish Technical and Career Center’s Student Council will sponsor Spring Spirit Week, April 1114. This week will be filled  with themed days, chosen by the student body, and ending with Kick Butts Day and a school carnival celebrating students with high academics and good behavior. Participants in this week’s events must adhere to the following parameters:

Monday – Sports Day

Students will represent their favorite sports team by wearing a jersey, hat, or t-shirt. 

Tuesday – Career Day

Participants are allowed to dress in the attire of their future profession, as long as it is school appropriate. 

Wednesday – What If I was 100 Day

Dress how you envision you would dress if you were 100 years old. All attire must be appropriate for the school environment.

Friday – Kick Butts Day 

Students will take part in learning about the issues tobacco products cause on the human body, create anti-tobacco posters and skits  for prizes, and engage in a Teacher vs Student kickball game. Students will be allowed to wear jeans and a red shirt in support of healthy living and saying no to tobacco.  

Friday afternoon, the school will acknowledge students with high academics and low disciplinary actions with a school carnival.  The carnival is free to all students with three referrals, or less, for this semester. NPTCC will sell concessions during the event.  Parents with questions may contact Mr. Bobby Benjamin, Principal, at (318)357-9410.