From Tragedy to Tasty Treats

Rodney and his wife Jan had a ”tasty” time visiting friends and clients Kim and Rick Tuttle and their family at the opening of their new business, Tasty Treats On The Bend, located just up the road from Cypress Bend Resort on Toledo Bend.
To say the ice cream is spectacular is an understatement. There’s tons of fantastic flavors which you can enjoy in their beautifully remodeled building.
The opening of this great new family business by this awesome family is even more special to us at the Harrington Law Firm because we had a bit of a hand in it coming about.
You see, up until four years ago, Kimberly Ann was a highly educated, highly respected Registered Nurse using her skills and training to help sick and injured people across the country.
The idea of owning and operating an ice cream shop was the furthest thing from her mind.
All that changed when she was rear-ended by the negligent driver of a commercial vehicle and sustained severe injuries, resulting in her being unable to perform her duties as an RN.
Kim was devastated. Since she was a little girl, all she ever wanted to be was a Nurse. She was so proud of her profession and now it had been cruelly taken from her.
To make matters worse, the insurance company covering the vehicle that hit her was giving her “The runaround” and refusing to fairly compensate her.
That’s when she and her husband Rick turned to the Harrington Law Firm for help.
We immediately filed suit and after a couple of years of battling the insurance company AND the company that owned the vehicle, we made them pay.
Not only did we force the insurance company to pay EVERY PENNY in available coverage, we also made the vehicle owner kick in additional compensation.
We couldn’t bring Kim’s health and former life back. That was gone forever. All we could do is make sure she and Rick were fairly compensated for their horrific losses.
We are proud to say that, by utilizing our experience and hard work, we were able to do that.
We are equally proud that Kim and Rick took a portion of the funds we were able get for them and invest in a new life for their family. They added a lot of hard work and elbow grease and Tasty Treats on the Bend became a reality.
Do yourself a favor and visit Tasty Treats on the Bend. Believe us, you won’t regret it. While you’re there, say hello to Rick, Kim, and the other members of this great family. They’ll be there, with big smiles on their faces.
Oh, and tell them everyone at The Harrington Law Firm said “Hey” and that we said thanks so much for the faith and confidence you showed in us.
Congratulations, Tuttles and Tasty Treats on the Bend. Good luck!
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