City Council Meeting: October 9

The Natchitoches City Council held a brief meeting on Oct. 9 to approve the following agenda items.

SPECIAL RECOGNITION:  Employee Of The Month Tyrone LaCour


Declare Creole Heritage Month In The City Of Natchitoches

Declare The Month Of October, 2023 As National Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Amend Ordinance No. 64 Of 2001 By Changing Zoning Classification Of Property Described As Follows: Lot 1, Block “B” of Shamrock Park, Less 502.2 Square Feet to Highway Department. (302 South Dr.)


Authorize A Franchise For The Operation Of HorselessCarriage Business Within The City Limits Of The City  Of  Natchitoches, In Favor Of Both, L.L.C.,  Confirming The Terms Of The Franchise, Conditions, And Considerations  For  Said  Franchise, And Authorizing The Mayor To Execute  The Said Franchise Agreement On Behalf Of The City.

TABLED Extend The City Limits Of The City Of Natchitoches Annexing A 2.17 Acre, More Or Less, Tract Situated In Section 40, Township 9 North, Range 8 West, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana, Said Tract Lying Adjacent To And North Of Louisiana Highway 3278, Together With That Area Of Louisiana Highway 3278Situated Between The 2.18 Acre Tract And The Existing Municipal Limits Of The City Of Natchitoches, And Further Providing For The Fixing Of A Public Hearing, Advertisement, Fixing Council District For Same, Fixing Zoning Classification And Providing For An Effective Date Of The Ordinance.

Designate Funds From The American Rescue Plan For Use By The City Of Natchitoches To Provide Funding For The Cost Of Juvenile Housing; Authorizing The Execution Of Any And All Documents, Contracts And/Or Agreements; And Otherwise Providing With Respect Thereto.

Amend The 2023-2024 Budget To Reflect Additional Revenues And Expenditures.

Utilize Remaining ARPA Funds In The Amount Of $78,000 For The Repair Of The Existing Storm Drain Outfall System And Sinkhole Located At 843 Washington Street.


Enter Into A Cooperative Endeavor Agreement With The State Of Louisiana, Department Of Treasury, For The Line Item Appropriation For Rehabilitation Of Existing Finished Water Storage Tank (Clearwell) At The Water Treatment Plant.


Approve The Sublease Of Lot 4 In The Natchitoches Regional Airport From Marc Millican To Air Data Solutions, L.L.C., Including An Authorization Of The Mayor To Execute An Instrument Approving The Sublease.

Approve A Permanent Utility Easement And Right Of Way For Placement Of Water Booster Station With Associated Temporary Construction Easement Across Property Of Amy Stroud Ables And Jeremy Wayne Ables, Said Temporary Easement Depicted On That August 30, 2023 Survey By Thornton, Releasing And Terminating That Right Of Way Dated April 2, 1986, Recorded At Conveyance Book 415, Page 805, And Authorizing The Mayor To Execute The Utility Easement And Right Of Way And Termination Of Right Of Way On Behalf Of The City Of Natchitoches, Louisiana.

Execute A Certificate Of Substantial Completion To The Contract Between The City Of Natchitoches And DSW Construction For Building Renovations Of The Texas And Pacific Railway Depot (BID NO.   0627)


The next scheduled City Council meeting will be Monday, October 23, 2023.