DA Harrington attends mass shooting training led by federal officials

District Attorney Billy Joe Harrington joined federal law enforcement leaders last week to discuss, prepare, and plan for an law enforcement event that everyone hopes will never occur – a mass shooting or other terrorist acts.

The training session was hosted by United Stated Attorney Brandon Brown of the Western District of Louisiana. Participants included leader from the Federal Bureau of Investigations and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives along with Louisiana State Police and various local law enforcement agencies.

“We can’t prevent these incidents from happening, but we can control how we respond,” said U.S. Attorney Brown. The agencies also shared information on the resources each could contribute during an mass casualty event. “The best law enforcement efforts are those that are done together,” said Brown.

District Attorney Harrington said, “While we hope such an event never occurs, we must be prepared to coordinate and respond to an incident. This training will help us in our planning strategy and mitigation efforts during the immediate aftermath of an event.”