CVB Attends Jefferson Highway Association Conference

Natchitoches Convention & Visitors Bureau Executive Director Arlene Gould and Groups & Tourism Sales Manager Leanna Coy recently attended the Jefferson Highway Association Conference in Pittsburg, Kansas.

The Jefferson Highway, originally created in 1915, traverses 17 parishes in Louisiana on its route from Winnipeg, Canada to New Orleans and was the country’s first intercontinental highway. The Highway passes through Natchitoches via Hwy. 71 to Hwy. 6/University Parkway, turns onto Jefferson Street, continues along Front Street to Washington Street, and then down Hwy. 6 East toward Montgomery.

The highway is still being celebrated by the Jefferson Highway Association, a group working to identify, preserve, interpret, and improve access to the Jefferson Highway and its associated sites. The Association held their annual conference in Pittsburg, Kansas on June 1-4. Natchitoches was host to the annual conference in 2019.

Gould and Coy participated in the conference sessions, a bus tour along the Jefferson Highway, and an awards banquet where the Natchitoches CVB received recognition for creating a Jefferson Highway promotional brochure highlighting sites, events and historic hotels along the Highway throughout the state of Louisiana. The brochures are available in the Natchitoches Visitor Center on Front Street.

Gould was re-elected to the JHA Board of Directors for a second term. She is currently assisting with two projects including identifying historic lodging along the Highway and state associations within the JHA.

“It is a great honor and pleasure to serve as a board member for the JHA,” said Gould, “and to be recognized for the brochure showcasing the historic highway route, not just in Natchitoches, but for all of Louisiana. Special credit goes to the Natchitoches CVB staff who embraced the Jefferson Highway as another tourism product our city and state has to offer our locals and visitors.”

To learn more about the Jefferson Highway Association and Natchitoches’ history on the Highway, visit

Photo: Arlene Gould & Leanna Coy

Natchitoches Parish Needs a New Pet Adoption Center and Animal Shelter!

The Parish’s two main animal welfare organizations, Hope for Paws and The Natchitoches Humane Society, are joining forces for a worthy cause – the building of a pet adoption center and animal shelter. This worthy goal was the theme behind an informational meeting held at the LSMSA auditorium Thursday, June 30 (See Documents Attached)

The meeting, attended by over 50 people as well as State Senator Bernard, Parish President Richmond, Mayor Williams, Police Chief Collins, and several other city and parish officials began with a presentation describing the present situation in the city and parish animal shelters. The most prominent statistic was that the national kill rate in animal shelters is 17%, while Natchitoches parish is at 55%. The presentation also showed the conditions inside the shelters which are far below current standards.

The presentation described the current efforts undertaken by the volunteers of the two organizations in rescuing, fostering, and finding homes for animals throughout the city and parish. Last year, the two groups rescued 554 animals. Unfortunately, not all found homes.

The members and leadership of the two organizations realized that the situation could not go on as is. They decided to combine the two groups into a single new organization, FAUNA or Friends All United Natchitoches Animals. Their goal is to have the new organization up and running in the next five years. Members of the new group are looking to a Pet Adoption Center and Animal Shelter in Marshall, TX as an example. The Marshall center is state of the art and is a low kill shelter. Natchitoches’ designation as a high kill shelter takes it out of the running for many grants and funding opportunities. The name of Pet Adoption Center, as opposed to animal shelter, also shows a shift in thinking, emphasizing the mission of finding new homes for the animals in their care.

Lastly, the presentation listed action steps to achieve the goal of a new Pet Adoption Center for our parish and city’s abandoned animals, such as donations and contacting elected officials.

Wrapping Up Key Moments in Bass Fishing History

By Steve Graf

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve looked at the history of tournament bass fishing and how far the sport has evolved. Today, we’ll wrap it up with the big move that helped take tournament bass fishing to another level….prime time TV coverage.

In October of 2004, ESPN announced a new brand of outdoors TV coverage called “BassCenter.” It was a new half hour show dedicated to B.A.S.S. and professional bass fishing. This was the shot in the arm that the sport needed! For years, bass tournament coverage was only seen on outdoor channels or on the internet. But this was prime time TV coverage that most Americans had never really been exposed to. What a perfect fit for ESPN, which already had a built-in outdoors audience. Other shows dedicated to the new ESPN Outdoors programming were “Loudmouth Bass,” “Bass Tech,” and “Bassmaster University,” which brought in professional anglers to give their expertise with tips and tactics for catching bass.

Other networks soon followed like Fox Sports (FS1) with Saturday morning prime time coverage. Then in August of 2010, a group of investors led by the legendary Jerry McKinnis (host of the ESPN’s 2ndlongest-running show,) along with Don Logan and Jim Copeland, bought B.A.S.S. LLC. This purchase paved the way for more angler/sponsor exposure and encouraged top name brand sponsors to get behind the programming. Suddenly, bass fishing was popular and pro anglers became household names…names like Skeet Reece, Kevin Van Dam, Gerald Swindle, Mike Iaconelli, the late Aaron Martens and too many more to mention. Of course, with TV promotions came big money as tournament payouts went up from $25,000 to $50,000 for a win, to $100,000 and as high as $300,000 for a Bassmaster Classic or MLF Redcrest Cup win.

Today’s anglers and the sport of bass fishing has come a long way from the days of parking lot weigh-ins and good ol’ boys looking for bragging rights. Now they have major sponsors like Toyota, General Tires, Yeti Coolers, Academy Sports, Berkley, and Mercury/Yamaha Engines to name a few. These days, tournament weigh-ins are held in sold out arenas and convention centers with drive through weigh-ins. Today’s anglers are borderline rock stars with their sponsor wrapped trucks and boats. But with all the fame and fortune comes obligations and commitments, as anglers are pulled in every direction from doing commercial spots to speaking engagements. These guys make a lot of family sacrifices as they are on the road for weeks at a time. Being a professional bass fisherman today is tough and is a job like no other. It takes dedication and hard work to make a career out of bass fishing. The fishing part for many of these anglers is a welcome break from all the other things that go into being a professional angler. Today’s angler must be a great salesman and an organized businessman. He must have great communications skills and the ability to speak in public.

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking into the history of bass fishing. It’s obvious that the sport has evolved and come a long way from a dream that Ray Scott (founder of B.A.S.S.) had back in the 1960’s. So, if you’re looking to follow in the footsteps of today’s professional anglers, be prepared for long hours and hard work, because it’s no longer just a fun day at the lake. Till next time, good luck, good fishing and don’t forget to set the hook!

Steve Graf – Owner/Co-host
Hook’N Up & Track’N Down Show &
Tackle Talk Live

Natchitoches 14U State Champions

The Natchitoches 14U All Star team, Set Apart, won the USSSA State Championship in Slidell on Father’s Day weekend. The team went undefeated 4-0 in the heat led by coaches Aaron Procell and Nick Smith. The team will be competing in the National Division All Star World Series July 12-17 in Chalmette.

Pictured on back row from left to right: Coach Nick Smith, Brayden Guilliams, Jackson Smith, Max Hines, Gavin Hoffpauir, Grayson Jordan, Walkerton Kiracofe, Max Wardell, Sam Cade, and Coach Aaron Procell. On front row are Semaj Thomas, Chalin Gandy, Ryan Procell, and Mason Britain.

Sydney Jones named Deputy AD for Business and Finance/SWA

Northwestern State has named Sydney Jones its new Deputy Athletic Director for Business and Finance and its Senior Woman Administrator.

Jones comes to NSU from soon-to-be fellow Southland Conference member Texas A&M-Commerce where she spent the past five months as the department’s Senior Associate Athletic Director for business services and SWA.

Jones’ hiring is subject to approval of the Board of Supervisors of the University of Louisiana System, which governs Northwestern State University.

“First and foremost, the leadership and personnel from top to bottom make this a really exciting team to join,” Jones said. “With (Director of Athletics) Kevin (Bostian) being in his first couple of months he’s forward-thinking and focused on getting tasks across the finish line which is advantageous. I’m excited to join this team and get some of those bigger goals accomplished.

“Northwestern State is an all-hands-on-deck institution. All personnel work hard and are committed to the bigger picture for the overall department. That was really enticing for me.”

Jones will serve as the chief financial officer for Northwestern State athletics as well as the department’s SWA.

“In a short period of time, Sydney Jones has made her mark as a college athletics administrator,” Bostian said. “Throughout the hiring process, she impressed our committee with her presence and command of what we expect. Adding someone with Sydney’s skill set and abilities makes our department stronger. Her ability to relate to our student-athletes through her experiences as a college athlete will benefit them during their time here at Northwestern State.”

A four-year softball letter winner at Nevada, Jones brings myriad career experiences to Northwestern State.

Jones was the Director of Procurement and Contracting at the United States Air Force Academy before moving to Texas A&M-Commerce. While at Air Force, Jones had oversight of purchasing, procurement and game guarantees while developing and maintaining key relationships with internal and external shareholders. She also played important roles in improving Air Force’s athletic facilities, construction projects, policy analysis and reform.

While at Texas A&M-Commerce, Jones was a key part of the transition team for the Lions’ July 1 move to the Southland Conference.

In addition to her time at Texas A&M-Commerce, Jones was the Assistant Director of Athletics for External Operations and Development/SWA at Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, Tennessee. While at LMU, Jones was responsible for developing and implementing fundraising initiatives, had oversight of fiscal management and procurement, assisted with compliance and had sport supervisory roles for softball, women’s volleyball and beach volleyball. Additionally, Jones was an adjunct professor of sport management classes in the LMU school of business.

Jones also brings experience in the legal realm of minor league baseball with roles involving contract negotiation and interpretation as well as player representation.

As an undergraduate at Nevada, Jones served as a representative on the school’s Student-Athlete Advisory Council while earning her degree in political science and economics in 2015. During her time at Nevada, Jones interned with the Nevada State Senate and Political Caucus.

She earned her Juris Doctorate degree from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, focusing on sport and entertainment law, in 2018. Jones was a Sports Law Fellow, was honored by the World of Sports Law in 2017 and won the Am Jur Award for Sports Law and Analytics in 2018.

Here’s some family history I’m proud to share

I grew up in the hills of north Louisiana not knowing until much later that not too far back in my lineage was a rather famous relative, long-time state Superintendent of Education, Thomas H. Harris.

I have a vague memory of meeting him as a youngster when “Uncle Tom” came to visit his older brother, Ausie, who was my grandfather.

A book given to me by a dear friend and former co-worker, Rae Tatum Malone, is one of my prized possessions, “The Memoirs of T.H. Harris.” In this book he tells of his 32 years as Superintendent of Education but also talks about his growing up years on a 250-acre farm in the Arizona community of Claiborne Parish located between Homer and Lisbon.

One of the most shocking bits of news he revealed in the book was the fact that Thomas H. Harris was not his real name. Here’s how he describes it….”My name is not Thomas H. Harris, but Lee Marcus Harris. The name by which I have been known all my life developed as follows: When I was about three days old, my next older brother, Ausie, three years of age at the time, was invited to inspect his baby brother. Ausie looked me over and said, ‘Little Tom.” And Tom I was thenceforth and forever.” The middle initial “H.,” which stands for nothing, was added later.

When my job transferred me to Homer in 1964, my memories of my Great Uncle Tom were vague at best. I was more interested in squirrel hunting on Middle Fork, deer hunting with

Bill Bailey and his hounds around Summerfield or fishing in the brand-new Lake Claiborne. I was to learn later that a goodly portion of the land inundated by the popular lake was acreage on which my grandfather and his more famous brother grew up.

I was also aware that the community of Langston south of Homer had been renamed in honor of my great uncle. It is now known as the Harris community with a school there, a school that is now a church encampment, the Harris Baptist Encampment.

Scores of college students down through the years have had at least a portion of their tuition paid for by being recipients of the T.H. Harris Scholarship. I regret missing out on that honor; I was having too much fun with college life to have qualifying grades.

Buildings on college campuses around the state today are named after my great uncle. In Grambling, for example, you’ll find the T.H. Harris Auditorium, constructed in 1960.

When I received word that a memorial plaque was to be erected in honor of Uncle Tom, I wanted to see it. Recently, my sister and I motored up to Homer to see if we could find it, and we did. Located along Highway 2 between Homer and Lisbon, the marker sits within two miles of where T.H. Harris and my grandfather grew up. We also found another marker along Arizona Road marking the site of the Arizona Academy from which he graduated.

This column, I realize, is not my usual outdoors related missive. It has little to do with my coverage of hunting and fishing experiences.

I may not have many famous kin but it is gratifying to know that I had one, and even had the honor of my grandfather naming him. Lee Marcus just doesn’t have the same ring as “little Tom.”

OPPORTUNITY: Programming, Promotions

POSITION: Assistant – Programming & Promotions Department

DESCRIPTION: Assist in Riverbank/Beau Jardin rentals including communication with City Departments and event coordinators. Perform all clerical and administrative duties as assigned by supervisors, including answering phones, entering requisitions, mailing, copies, etc. Receive visitors and all inquiries concerning Beau Jardin, Main Street promotions, assist with the organization and maintenance of all calendars of scheduled events, websites and social media. Assist in preparation and execution of programs and promotions as needed. Applicant must be available to work nights and weekends for the execution of events as needed.

QUALIFICATIONS: High School Diploma or GED. At least 6 months experience in a clerical position is required.

CONTACT: Human Resources Department at 1400 Sabine St. or P.O. Box 37, Natchitoches LA 71458-0037. Applications may also be picked up upstairs at City Hall located at 700 Second St. or online at

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: Applications will be accepted through: July 15, 2022.


NSU Calendar for July 3 – 9

Here is a look at the week of July 3-9 at Northwestern State University.

July 3-9 – Registration for fall semester

July 4 – University closed for Independence Day holiday

July 5 — University reopens after Independence Day holiday

July 5 – Start of second 4-week summer session

July 7 – Freshman Connection, Natchitoches campus

Seeking nominations for Alumni Awards

Northwestern State University’s Alumni Association invites nominations for three alumni awards, two that recognize distinguished service and one for volunteerism toward the Alumni Association.  The awards will be presented this fall in conjunction with the Long Purple Line celebration and Homecoming festivities. 

Nominations will open Monday, July 11 and close Monday, Sept, 5.  Nominations can be made at the following link:

The awards are Outstanding Young Alumnus/Alumna Distinguished Service Award, Outstanding Alumnus/Alumna Distinguished Service Award and NSU Alumni Association Volunteer of the Year Award. The awards are intended to recognize alumni whose accomplishments significantly benefit both society and the NSU campus, advancing the common good and inspiring others to address challenges with insight and creativity.

Criteria for nominations is as follows.

Outstanding Young Alumnus/Alumna Distinguished Service Award – The Outstanding Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award is given to a young alumnus/alumna who has exhibited their dedication and loyalty to Northwestern’s programs and mission.  The candidate must demonstrate:

  • An early record of distinguished service to Northwestern; and
  • Continued interest in serving the university in his/her life as a volunteer, donor and /or advocate.
  • The recipient must be an alumnus/alumna of NSU.
  • The recipient must have attained alumni status within ten years.
  • The recipient must be forty or younger at the time of the nomination.

Outstanding Alumnus/Alumna Distinguished Service Award – The Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna Award is given to an NSU Alumni who has exhibited his or her dedication and loyalty to Northwestern’s programs and mission. The candidate must demonstrate:

  • A record of distinguished service to Northwestern; and
  • Continued interest in serving the university in his/her life as a volunteer, donor and /or advocate.
  • The recipient must be an alumnus/alumna of NSU.
  • The recipient must have attained alumni status greater than ten years.
  • The recipient must be forty or older at the time of the nomination.

NSU Alumni Association Volunteer of the Year Award – The Volunteer of the Year Award is given to a person who has exhibited his or her dedication and loyalty to Northwestern’s programs and mission. The candidate must demonstrate:

  • Membership in the NSU Alumni Association
  • Continued interest in serving the university in his/her life as a volunteer, donor and /or advocate.
  • Exemplary record of volunteer time, talents, and service to the NSU Alumni Association
  • Active involvement with a chapter, alumni interest group, affiliate program, NSU Alumni Board, or other forms of volunteer service to Northwestern State University

Nominations may be made by any alumnus or alumna, by any alumni chapter, or by any member of the faculty or staff of University.  The selection committee is composed of the two immediate past presidents of the Alumni Association, current president of the Alumni Association, one member of the Demons Unlimited Board of Directors, the Director of the Alumni Association and the SGA President.

NPJ not to publish July 4

In order for our Natchitoches Parish Journal staff to spend time with family and friends this holiday weekend, we will not have our usual Monday publication.

However, our Tuesday publication will arrive in your inbox at its regular time at 6:55 a.m.

Remember, if you’re not currently subscribed to receive our email five days a week, please sign up by clicking HERE. The Natchitoches Parish Journal always publishes free news articles, and they will always be free.

Happy Fourth of July to our parish!

Notice of Death – June 30, 2022

James Daniel Abraham
June 26, 2022
A private service will be held on family land where he will be laid to rest in a family cemetery in New Hill, NC with full military honors. A celebration of life will be held on a later date.

Geraldine Jones Babers
July 26, 1971 – June 23, 2022
Service: Saturday, July 2, 2022 at 11am at First Baptist Church, Natchitoches.
Interment:  St. Davis Baptist Church Cemetery, Cloutierville, Louisiana.

Patsy Burnett
September 29, 1942 – June 28, 2022
Service: Saturday, July 2 at 2 pm at Word of Truth Church

Antone Jaber Jr.
June 19, 1925 – June 25, 2022
Service: Friday, July 1 at 2 pm at St. John’s Catholic Church in Many

Linda Frances Johnson Harris
August 13, 1941 – June 28, 2022
Service: Friday, July 1 at 10 am at First Baptist Church of Pleasant Hill

Benny Ray Canerday
August 13, 1943 – June 28, 2022
Services are under the direction of Southern Funeral Home of Winnfield, La. To honor Benny’s wishes, life will be celebrated at a private family service. Interment will follow at the Garden of Memories in Winnfield.

Kathryn Ann (Moseley) Floyd
October 3, 1950 – June 29, 2022
Service: Saturday July 2 at 10 am in the Chapel of Kinner & Stevens Funeral Home

Morning fire on J. C. Deblieux Drive

Wednesday morning, the Central Fire Station received a dispatch from the City Police reporting a structure fire on J.C. Deblieux Drive. Engines 1, Engine 3, Rescue1, Truck 1, and Chief-2, with Fire Prevention/Investigations, Fire Safety and Chief-1 were dispatched to the scene.

C-2, the first to arrive on scene, found heavy smoke coming from the roof of a single story duplex with the occupants standing outside. Engine 3 arrived on scene and connected to a hydrant and used a pre-connected hose lay to make entry into the structure and extinguish the fire.

A primary search for other occupants was conducted while firefighting operations was conducted and no other occupants were found inside. The fire was brought under control and salvage and overhaul procedures and fire cause determination began.

No further information is available at this time. No civilian or fire department injuries occurred during this emergency event.

Thanks to the City Police and The City Utility Department for their help with this emergency scene. 

Sheriff’s Office responds to single vehicle crash

Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the scene of a single-vehicle crash on June 29 on Hwy. 494 at the Bayou Poison Bridge just west of Tommy’s Grocery according to the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office.

There were no reported injuries in the crash.

Statement on the Supreme Court’s Stay of Lower Court Ruling on Congressional Maps

Gov. John Bel Edwards issued a statement on June 28 regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s stay of the Middle District Court’s ruling that Louisiana’s congressional maps must be redrawn to include a second African-American district.

Gov. Edwards said:

“Today’s ruling from the Supreme Court is more than a little disappointing. The District Court’s well-reasoned 157 page decision clearly demonstrated that the maps passed by the legislature do not comply with Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. Black Louisianans make up one third of our population, and one third of our districts should be majority Black when such a map can be drawn, and, as has been clearly demonstrated, that map is more compact, better adheres to the legal principles governing redistricting, and will perform. As I have always maintained, it is about simple math, basic fairness, and the rule of law.”

Statement on the Supreme Court’s Stay of Lower Court Ruling on Congressional Maps

Gov. Edwards: Special Session to Redraw Congressional Maps that are Fair to Black Voters

Stephens joins Lady Demons’ softball staff as assistant coach

Northwestern State head softball coach Donald Pickett announced on Wednesday the addition of Mary Stephens to the Lady Demon coaching staff.

Stephens comes to NSU after spending the 2022 season with Wichita State. Prior to her time in Wichita, Stephens had stops at Sam Houston and Texas Tech, where she began her coaching career as a graduate manager for the Red Raiders while earning her master’s in sports management.

“Mary is very experienced and coached at a couple of different Division I programs and been very involved in coaching travel ball in the Dallas area where she’s from,” Pickett said. “She’s going to be able to help us offensively and her ties to the Dallas area will help us in terms of recruiting in that Dallas and East Texas area.”

From Sachse, Texas, Stephens was an All-Missouri Valley Conference player at Missouri State where she batted .281 in her four-year career with 19 home runs and 103 RBI. During her sophomore season she became the first MSU player in school history to record five hits in a game, doing so twice in 10 days, and drew 32 walks on the season, the third-highest total in program history.

She graduated from MSU in 2017 with a degree in parks, recreation and sports administration.

After her playing days, Stephens started her coaching career as a graduate manager at Texas Tech for one season before becoming a volunteer assistant prior to the 2019 season, where she was part of the staff that saw the Red Raiders earn a Baton Rouge Regional Final berth.

Stephens returned to the NCAA regionals a season ago with Wichita State as part of the staff that helped cultivate one of the most prolific offenses in the country in 2022.

The Shockers finished in the top five in the NCAA in batting average (.358), on-base percentage (.437), runs per game (7.98), slugging (.667) and home runs per game (2.33) in route to 33-16 record and at-large bid to the Fayetteville Regional.

During the off season, Stephens has been deeply involved in the travel ball circuit for nearly 10 years. She helped coach the Texas Glory 16u Naudin team based out of McKinney, Texas, where assisted in advanced player development, host tournaments and helped high-level players progress in their careers to the collegiate level.

“It was really important for us to get the right person,” Pickett said. “I’ve known Mary for a long time and she’s a great person. She’s going to bring a good energy to our team and going to fit in really well with (Coach) Lexi (Smith) and I. We’re going to have great chemistry and looking forward to seeing where it takes us next year.”

FARMERS MARKET – This Saturday

The City of Natchitoches will kick-off the Natchitoches Farmers Market tomorrow (Saturday) and will be open every Saturday every Saturday from now until July 23, 2022.

The Natchitoches Farmers Market will be downtown on the riverbank from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

June 18, 2022 – “Blue Grass Day”
June 25, 2022 – “Contest on the Cane!!!”
July 2, 2022 – “4-H Day”
July 9, 2022 – “Blending for Health”
July 16, 2022 – “One Mans Treasure!!”
July 23, 2022 – “Farming on the Cane”

For more information, please contact the Farmers Market at (318) 663-5190 or (318) 214-7911.

The Natchitoches 8U All-Star team wins the USSSA State Championship

The Natchitoches 8U All Star team won the USSSA State Championship in Slidell. The team went undefeated 5-0 and were coached by Jody Biscoe, Jacob Cook, and Brent Dupree. This team will compete in the World Series July 14-17 in Gulf Port, Mississippi. Pictured left to right:

Photo 1: Tate Dupree, Zachariah Hall, Jax Errington, Murphy Linebaugh, OJ Hall, Carter Hough, Liam Mahloch, Chanz Winn, Jaxson Norsworthy, Ryne Williams, and Max Nelson

Photo 2, back row: Coach Jody Biscoe, Coach Jacob Cook, and Coach Brent Dupree. front row: Max Nelson, Zachariah Hall, Tate Dupree, Chanz Winn, Liam Mahloch, Carter Hough, Jaxson Norsworthy, Ryne Williams, Murphy Linebaugh, and Jax Errington.

Humane Society and Hope for Paws join forces – TONIGHT

The Natchitoches Humane Society and the Natchitoches Hope for Paws will join forces to create FAUNA (Friends All United for Natchitoches Animals) to try and figure out how to handle the ever increasing pet overpopulation problem. A meeting will be held on Thursday, June 30 from 6-8 pm at the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts (LSMSA) Auditorium, located at the school’s main entrance at 715 University Parkway. (TONIGHT)

This meeting will discuss the overwhelming situation of abused and neglected animals in the City and Parish. Any and all suggestions are needed on how to tackle the problem of the increasing pet overpopulation.

Email to receive updates.

Natchitoches Knights of Columbus Donates to Natchitoches A.R.C

Natchitoches Knights of Columbus Council Grand Knight John Scott Presented Audra Edney Fundraising and Community Outreach Advisor for Natchitoches A.R.C 127 Airport Road Natchitoches LA 71457 a check in the amount of $3,500 on June 16.

Pictured from Left to Right is Audra Edney Natchitoches A.R.C and John Scott Grand Knight of Knights of Columbus Natchitoches Council. Natchitoches A.R.C is very grateful for this donation that they have been receiving for many years.

Audra Edney said that after speaking with Mr. Ray Ponthieux, who stated he could be her grandad at 83-years old, he still runs bingo at the Knights Of Columbus of Natchitoches and is the sweetest guy she has ever met. Not because of the donation but because their conversation lasted over 45 minutes and they talked about family, health and much more.