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  1. I commented on a post 2 days ago. It was sent to the moderator. When I emailed and questioned about it, that was the response I got. My comment was never posted. I wonder how many others this is happening to? An opinion is opinion, and I stated mine, just like everyone else. If this is a public forum, then you don’t get to pick and choose , you post it whether you like it or not. BOTTOM LINE!!

  2. I’d like to know why all comments aren’t posted or edited before posting in regards to certain topics along with why peoples personal information isn’t properly edited before posted. I personally know two peoples comments on the bridge post were never made public.

  3. The Natchitoches parish journal is 100 % better then our local paper is or ever will be.I like it because the storys are better and up to date and also
    the people of Natchitoches can voice there opinions.There is a lot that is good about our city and a lot that needs repair,it is always good to hear from the people.
    keep up the great work !

  4. With fiber optics being put in up and down hwy 6, why can’t the village of Robeline get hi speed internet? They say it’s for the schools but we as tax payers are paying taxes for the schools. Does anyone know anything about this?

    • We talked to the guys that were installing it and they said that their company will also be offering their service to the public.

    • If grants are being used for fiber in the parish,I can’t see how anyone in the parish not being included–but like road taxes u can see where our tax money is being spent–

  5. Good Morning

    22nd Natchez Heritage Festival to be held June 27, 2015 in Natchez, LA. There will be lots to do water slides, cake walk, bingo, and so much more. If anyone is interested in participating in our parade please contact Monique Sarpy at 318-332-8264.

    If you all would post we would greatly appreciate it.

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