EZ Street Delivery brings its services to Natchitoches

EZ Street Delivery is partnering with local restaurants in Natchitoches to deliver food. Each restaurant’s menu is built into EZ Street’s website and users can simply choose their food, pay online, and it will be brought directly to them.

There is a $5 delivery fee for each order, but delivery is free on the first order if the customer uses the code FIRSTDELIVERY.

After placing the order, customers receive email notifications to let them know the status of their order. They are notified when their order has been received by EZ Street and the restaurant, when the driver arrives at the restaurant, and when the driver leaves the restaurant with their food. The process is super simple and user friendly.

EZ Street Delivery has an app that can be downloaded for FREE through Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Customers can order through the app or enjoy food delivery with an “EZ” 3 step process through the website:

1. Visit ezstreetdelivery.com and select the Natchitoches location

2. Choose a meal

3. Relax and wait for us to deliver

“I decided to come to Natchitoches because our small towns want the same conveniences of larger cities but often get over looked by the big companies,” said Owner Beverly Sanders. “Plus, Natchitoches has some of the best food in Louisiana and EZ-STREET delivery wanted to take part in that. I am very excited about being here in Natchitoches because the people of Natchitoches are excited to have us here! We have been very well received and are working hard to make this a success for both our customers and the restaurants we partner with.”

EZ Street is adding new restaurants weekly, and several will come on line in the next few days. Restaurants can also check out the website and fill out a vendor form if they’re interested in partnering for food delivery.

Lions Club holds Awards Banquet, new officers installed

Natchitoches Lions Club members gathered June 24 for the annual awards banquet and new officer installation service. Immediate Past President Laura Rogers passed the gavel over to new President Michele Waskom, who then presented Rogers with a souvenir gavel as a token of thanks for her leadership during the 2018-2019 year. It was engraved with her name and the years she served as president.

Past Council Chair and current Multiple District Global Leadership Team Coordinator Mike Kennedy installed the following 2018-2019 Officers (Mike has been a Lion for 28 years and belongs to the Winnfield Lions Club):

Michele Waskom– President
Josh Pierson- First Vice President
Laura Rogers- Past President
Don Brown- Secretary
Heather Fredieu- Treasurer

Vallery Washington- 1 Year Board Member
Susan Hilton- 1 Year Board Member
Kelli Sampson- 1 Year Board Member
Sarah Giannone- 2 Year Board Member
Brandon McKee- 2 Year Board Member
Eric Gilmore- 2 Year Board Member
Mary Hooper- Lion Tamer
MiMi Stoker- Tail Twister
Corey Poole- Membership Chair

A special treat was the installation of a new member for the Natchitoches Lions Club. Shantura Payne received her pin from her sponsor Vallery Washington and was welcomed as a new member during the banquet.


New Lion of the Year: Sarah Giannone
Lion of the Year: Susan Hilton
Melvin Jones: Josh Pierson

The highest award the Louisiana Lions Camp gives is the Gold Star Award. This year the award was presented to Leta and Gene Spillman who always help feed campers during the summer, and to Lion Don Brown, who is just shy of being a member for 40 years, for his dedication and commitment to not only the Natchitoches Club, but the children and the camp.

ROAD REOPENED: LA 9: 0.5 mile north of Campti

Monday, June 24, 2019 10:02 AM

LA 9: 0.5 mile north of Campti
Natchitoches Parish
Control Section No. 089-01

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD), advises the public effective immediately LA 9: 0.5 miles north of Campti, in Natchitoches Parish, is open to all traffic.

Travelers can find information regarding road closures by visiting the 511 Traveler Information website at www.511la.org or by dialing 511 from their telephone and saying the route or region about which they are seeking information. 

Natchitoches All-Star Team wins second at State Tournament

The Natchitoches 10u All-Star Team exceeded all expectations as they went down to Chalmette where they competed in the State All-Star Tournament on June 22-23. The girls came away with 2nd place. Rayanna Norsworthy won the Tournament Defensive Player Award.

Players and Coaches:
Camille Armstrong
Gabi Bounds
ShaNiyah Craig
Makalia Knueppel
Annalise Newton
Rayanna Norsworthy
Faith Phanor
Miracle Phanor
Kyleigh Severin
Brooklyn Smith
Raychel Wilson
Brandon Smith (Coach)
Nigel Severin (Coach)
Richard Armstrong (Coach)
Marc Norsworthy (Coach)

The team and its coaches would also like to thank all of the sponsors that helped make this happen.

Notice of Death – June 24, 2019


Shane Kerry
March 01, 1937 – June 20, 2019
Visitation: Thursday, June 27 from 2-4 pm at Blanchard-St. Denis Funeral Home

William “Bill” E. Gillock
September 17, 1942 – June 20, 2019
Arrangements TBA

Mary Frances McHenry Taylor
August 08, 1945 – June 19, 2019
Arrangements TBA

Dessie Davenport, Jr.
November 17, 1959 – June 19, 2019
Arrangements TBA

Kendall “K.D.” Hardison
March 9, 1991 – June 19, 2019
Service: Saturday, June 29 at 11 am at North Star Baptist Church in Powhatan
Interment: Lawrence Serenity Sanctum

Kendrick Mancell Williams Sr.
February 23, 1980 – June 18, 2019
Service: Saturday, June 29 at 11 am at the Winnfield Memorial Funeral Home Chapel
Interment: Springville Cemetery of Coushatta


Danny Glyn Carter
February 08, 1952 – June 24, 2019
Visitation: Wednesday, June 26 from 5-8 pm and Thursday, June 27 from 12-2 pm at Bethlehem Baptist Church
Service: Thursday, June 27 at 2 pm at Bethlehem Baptist Church
Interment: Bethlehem Cemetery

Hey! Just a Foster Mom!

By Melanie Wilson

So I was reading an article recently when I thought I could write an article about my life experiences. My life is a little different than most of my friends. It seems to have always been different than my friends. Most of my friends are married now or have been married. They have either had kids and we celebrated or have had difficulties and we have prayed. But my life hasn’t followed a “typical” or “normal” route.

I’m a thirty something single person. No biological kids. No marriage. I focused on getting degrees and had lots of fun during college. I work way too many hours between two jobs. And I added a title this past year that I am most proud and honored to hold. MOM.

Well that is FOSTER MOM.

I’m so excited to share this experience with everyone because it is very interesting. It is fulfilling and frustrating. It is heartwarming and heartbreaking. But most importantly it is all about these sweet babies.

Let me start from the beginning. About 4 years ago I had a friend post on Facebook how she was just certified to be a foster mom. She is single like me and works for a church in Houston. She talked about how excited she was for this new chapter and how any day from that day on she could get a call and have a new bundle of joy in the blink of an eye. I was so excited for my friend and thought I could do that too. I think I mentioned it to my mom and how I thought it could be something I could do.

With every post she made and every picture she posted my heart felt more and more compelled to do something. I kept pushing it to the back of my mind and moving on to the next thing at work. It took me 3 years of thinking about it and praying before I told anyone I was even thinking about it.

Last February I figured after 3 years I might want to listen to what God was telling me I should be doing. I researched online for about a month before I told my mom and dad I was thinking about it, which if you know me is crazy because I talk to my mom 100 times a week. Looking back I probably didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t know how people would react. Saying, “Hey I want to be a foster mom,” isn’t something anyone around me had every said so I didn’t know what people would think or say. During this time I fostered a dog and adopted him (Foster #1).

I finally got the nerve to tell my parents, my best friends, co-workers, and preacher. I thought I had to have all the answers. I thought I did have all the answers but of course I didn’t. Even though I didn’t have all the answers everyone was so supportive and thought it was a great idea. My best friend and one of my co-workers burst into tears when I told them. (That had to be the weirdest reaction and I just stared because that was not the reaction I was expecting.)

Last May I took the classes. The home studies and interviews came in June. And then the waiting started. And I waited and waited. I would email my home development worker every few weeks asking if I was ok and if she needed anything at all from me. And I continued to wait.

In August someone asked if I could help out an international student. So I helped out 2 international students with a place to live because their place fell through over summer when they were home (Foster #2 & #3).

In October I was being super lazy one Friday morning and I got a phone call. The person on the other end of the line explained who she was and congratulated me about becoming certified and in the same breath asked if I was ready for my first placement.

When I say I LEAPED out of bed I am not being dramatic. I am 100% sure my heart skipped a beat and I was overwhelmed with emotions. I then was the one who burst into tears which was unexpected yet again.

I listened as she explained the situation and that there were two brothers. Kiddo A was lower elementary and Kiddo B was 9 months old.

I said yes without even hesitating. I hung up. I immediately thought I had lost it. I went from having no kids to having a baby and a kid.

I think that is a good place to stop. That day in October was a whirlwind and deserves an article all by itself.

It took me 3 years to say yes to the calling God was placing on my heart. Once I started listening things were turned upside down in my life. Within 9 months I took in a dog, 2 college students, and now 2 kids. HELLO NEW LIFE.

I can’t believe I am writing this article. I guess that is how my life goes now a days. I have no clue what will happen day to day but I am looking forward to sharing this crazy life with all of y’all.

I have decided at the end of each article I will share a fact about the foster care system.

DID YOU KNOW: The latest numbers shared by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) says there were 4,374 children in foster care in April of 2019. 4,374 CHILDREN IN FOSTER CARE. That is more than 3 times the number of students at Natchitoches Central High School and almost 11 times the number of students at St. Mary’s.

Community reads tales with tails at animal shelter

The Natchitoches Animal Shelter, located at 450 Fairgrounds Road, held a Tales to Tails Program June 22. Residents came to read books, which were provided by the Natchitoches Parish Library. While reading books, they also helped socialize some of the dogs at the shelter. The cats got some attention too! The shelter plans on holding more of these events, so don’t worry if you missed this one. The public can volunteer to socialize the shelter animals at any time during the year. The public is also encouraged to come out and find a pet to adopt! Also, donations are always accepted for blankets, toys, Pedigree dog food and dog houses. For more information call 318-357-3885.

NSU releases Spring 2019 Dean’s List (3.5-3.99 GPA)

One thousand one hundred and thirty-one students were named to the Spring 2019 Dean’s List at Northwestern State University. Students on the list earned a grade point average of between 3.5 and 3.99.

Those named to the Dean’s List by hometown (in Natchitoches Parish and surrounding areas) are as follows.

Alexandria — Marquita Benjamin, Morgan Brame, Morgan Bryant, Maslin Campbell, Dshaun Coleman, Katylyn Cox, Noel Cusick, Tyler Flynn, Maeghan George, Jaliyah Jasper, Keyerra Jefferson, Jasmine Johnson, Leslie Katz, Hunter Lewis, ShaKiyla Lindsey, DeShonta Manning, Deasheneire Payne, Eboni Phidd, Jabari Reed, Ragan Richey, Imani Ricks, Daziah Roberson, Kaitlin Roshto, Caleb Ross, Savannah Sices, Alexander Trotter, Thando Turner, Erin Vandersypen, Cherell Wallace, Christopher Warren, William Welch, Tashiana Whitehead;

Bossier City — Cassie Bailey, Jayde Barnett, Alicia Bartholomew, Elizabeth Blair, Alexandra Borrmann, Quintin Braley, Hannah Brooks, Izabela Carabelli, Kendall Caple, Jonathan Castillo, Colby Cranford, Callie Crockett, Peyton Davis, Ashley Digilormo, Kelsey Gallman, Marissa Gardner, Sydney Gootee, Samantha Guile, Savanna Head, Dejaney Jackson, Nourain Jamhour, Anqumesha Jeter, Kijah Johnson, Haley Joncas, Elizabeth Jones, Abigail Kent, Alexandra Madrid, Samantha Maiette, Casi Martin, Michelle Moline, Andrea Parks, Kennedy Parson, Khayla Pugh, Nigmeh Rahman, Jasmine Roberson, Andrew Robinson, Sydney Shannon, Gerald Shouse, Hope Spaw, Brittany Spence, Taylor Stoker, Benjamin Tanner, James Taylor, Avery Tibbets, Danielle Toney, Giselle Trejo, Tomaya Turner, Madeline Webb, Dominique Wineglass;

Boyce — Hannah Aslin, Seth Baggett, Sonya Hill, Anna Lacombe, Amanda Land, Hannah Miller, Wyatt Miller, Ashley Smith;

Campti — Destinee Cotton, Allison Friday, Kortney Greer, Madelynne Greer, Dalton Parker, Ronald Reliford;

Cloutierville — Glenda Metoyer;

Converse — Hayley Farmer, Ashley Forgues Brock, Mallory Mitchell, Elaina Richardson, Hannah Womack;

Coushatta — Colton Campbell, Elizabeth Cummins, Aaron Murray, Tianna Rock, Jon Russell, Mikailah Smith, Caroline Wren;

Derry — Hannah Antee;

Florien — Whitney Byles, Travis Cook, Cullen Hopkins, Faith Hopkins, Tyler Johnson, Caroline Matthews, Emma Ray, Dylan Roberts, Elizabeth Squillini, Megan Wagley, Shari Wilson;

Fort Polk — Destiny Ash, Laura Cerqueira, Jennifer Chirlin, Kyley Cole, Anthony Holloway, Zoe Kata, Ana Murray, Jessica Ramirez, Adrian Rodriguez, Sasha Trevino, Lindsey Turner, Nohora Valencia Camacho, Julia Ward;

Goldonna — David Day, Alexander Guillory;

Jena — Mercedes Farris, Jill Kennard, Jessi McNeely, Dena Ray, Darian Thacker;

Leesville — Autumn Boggs, Marilyn Brooks, Damion Brown, Rachal Brown, Angie Culbert, Junette Cutshaw, Sarah Deggs, Baylor Dillon, Raegan Dotson, Caryllan Fermato, Brandon Fredieu, Miranda Fulks, Brandon Furlow, Sarah Gibbs, Jarrell, Sean Grady, Jessica Gray, Beatrice Green, Cheyenne Grigg, Morgan Hall, Britney Harvey, Gabriella Haymon, Taylor Helton, Haley Hood, Emilee Keuten, Lane Koury, Samantha LaMonte, Karl Marzahl, Kelly Mitchell, Emily Moore, Brittany Paris, Victoria Perkins, Paula Pilkenton, Linsey Preddy, Amber Rose, David Santos, Hannah Scott, Joseph Slaughter, Peggy Stanley, Rebecca Thomas, Devin Toups, Matthew Ward;

Lena — Kadaria Lajaunie, Justin Williams;

Mansfield — Rowdy Burleson, Meliyah Mitchell, Madison Welborn;

Many — Victoria Barnhill, Rachel Bensinger, Toby Bruce, Maegan Burkett, Hannah Chanler, Tyler Colston, Kelsi Horn, Charles LaFollette, Chase Manning, Brianna Miller, Tanner Mizell, Seth Ozsoy, Catherine Parrie, Chelsea Parrie, Chas Pilcher, Jasmine Sweet, Krisha Williams, Tobias Williams;

Marthaville — Emily Ford, Mallory Powell, Madeline Procell, Hannah Sattler;

Natchez — Sheri Prothro, Morgan Slaughter;

Natchitoches — Alissa Addison, Sharlexus Addison, Kayla Anderson, Tyler Anderson, Francisco Ballestas-Sayas, Gavin Bergeron, Sarah Bergeron, Megan Berry, Shenita Braxton, Trenton Brownlee, Taylor Burch, Morgan Burris, Elias Castro Caballero, Trevor Chalker, Donna Cooper, Fabian Correa Guette, KeShyra Culbert, Renee Cunnikin, Kenneth Darcy, Joshua Davis, Leah Deford, Gwenegan Dehe, Ashley Dranguet, Chasity Dupree, Joshua Ellis, Jason Fagundes, Daniela Forero Salcedo, Alaysia Fredieu, Katlynn French, Luis Gallo Quintero, Ruth Garcia Rodriguez, Matthew Giering, Julian Guerrero Acevedo, Valentina Herazo Alvarez, John Howell, Jasmyn Hunter, Holly Jenkins, Ronesha Johnson, Taylor Johnson, Hannah Jones, Brittany Jordan, Ashante Knox, Ricky Lacour, Carlomagno Leon Jimnez, Scott Macqueen, Miranda Mayeaux, Rylie Mcfarlain, Nestor Mercado-Garcia, Amber Minor, Maina Ibn Mohammed, Coy Morgan, Trevor O’Bannon, Kiara Padilla, Chaka Palm, Meredith Phelps, Jonah Poe, Keator Poleman, Shalondria Rainey, LaKendria Remo, Alejandro Restrepo Cardozo, Shelby Riedel, Kayla Roquemore, Daniela Salas Ricardo, Paula Sanchez Luna, Dante Samuel, Anise Settle, Jonathan Simmons, Skyler Speer, Patrick Sprung, Josie Stamey, Hans Andersen Tan, Travon Texada, Harrison Thomas, Mylika Thompson, Caitlyn Tobin, Austin Townsend, Abigail Vallery, Ricardo Ventura, Eva Venzant, Barbara Vercher-Smith, Lauren Vienne, Mary Whitehead, Jack Wright, Rylee Wyer, Ashtin Youngblood, Donna Cooper, Naloni Walker, Megan Winn;

Oak Grove — Tonya Creech;

Pineville — Taylor Bailey, Riley Bell, Emily Bordelon, Christian Boudreaux, Andrea Boyd, Kurt Burkett, Kaitlyn Burns, Latasha Cain, Taylor Campbell, Ameliah Carpenter, Noelle Carruth, Deja Chatman, Caitlin Crawford, Alexis Dennis, Sara Dorsey, Madison Evers, Erin Fallis, Casey Floyd, Lorali Hebert, Paula Jackson, Kara Johnson, Kelsey Kauffman, Landon King, Laura Lachney, Carlee Lake, Jaclyn Lambright, Connie Lawrence, Jeffery Lepage, Emily Litton, Cedrick Lott, Emily McCarty, Mya Melancon, Ashlee Mitchell, Curtessa Morrow, Judith Peek, Rachel Rudd, Jordan Sensat, Micah St. Andre, Gage Ulrich, Morgan VanBuren;

Pleasant Hill — Yasmine Maxie;

Provencal — Christopher Jennings, Rebekah Orsborn;

Ringgold — Alora Bryant, Joseph Hays, Arvionne Reliford, Aileecia Tipton, Caleb Vining;

Robeline — Jonathan Chism, Kelsy Elkins, Morgan Neugent, Megan Palmer, Jeffrey Watley;

Saline — Shelby Savell;

Shreveport — Jessica Adams, DayJah Alexander, Trayveon Allen, Hannah Angell, Quinton Aught, Yasmeen Bader, Shakendra Bailey, Alyssa Bonacci, Antanae Baylock, Neely Caudle, Janie Cochran, Courtney Curtis, Kevin Denks, Chenara Dredden, Lauren Edwards, Jennifer Elliott, Hannah Ellis, Whitney Elster, Reagan Escude, Chloe Farrar, Irishia Finister, Samantha Freeman, Dejohn Garrison, Rayvin Gaudet, Jameala Ghazawneh, Evan Gibson, Shanetta Gibson, Karina Goodnight, Lauren Gore, Destinee Green, Jennifer Hardey, Madison Harper, Jaimee Henderson, Anthony Hill, Kimberly Housley, Jesamin Huff, April Hunter, Jasmine Jackson, Matthew Jensen, Caitlin Johnson, Jada Johnson, Kaitlyn Knighton, Akilah Lewis, William Mahoney, Katelyn Martin, Marissa Martin, Brooklynn McWilliams, Amelia McLaren, Marshall Merritt, Aysia Mills, Acquiria Mitchell, Destiny Mitchell, Dylan Molenhour, Cayla Morris, Jared Mourad, Katherine Mutter, Hillary Nicholls, Olivia Noonan, Bailey Patton, Zachary Person, Elizabeth Peterson, Mikayla Phillips, Haley Pickett, Patrick Pierce, Bailey Rech, Nahjee Reid, Natya Rogers, KeAndrea Samuel, Zachary Sanders, Yuriana Sauseda, Elizabeth Scott, Lawson Scott, Cynthia Shahriar, Catherine Shaw, Hannah Strickland, Morgan Strickland, Amanda Strother, Lindsey Sullivan, Alexis Taylor, Jordan Taylor, Joyce Taylor, Rodnisha Terry, Gabrielle Thomas, Breyonna Thompson, Kayla Waller, Dillon Wilkerson, Lana Williams, Ly’Shaquala Williams, Shamolia Williams, Jonathan Zavalydriga;

Winnfield — Erica Burnett, Taylor Burnett, D’Tyria Duncan, Jourdan Fitzgerald, Kerry Fitzgerald, Kassidy Grantadams, Trinity Homan, Madisyn Hubbard, Hunter Johnson, Caitlyn Martin, Morgan Martinez, Elizabeth Parker, Trakita Rainwater, Fatima Rodriguez, Lori Spangler;

Zwolle — Cheyanne Ebarb, Lloyd Gentry, Shakelia Maxie, Konner Parrie, Addison Rains, Marcelina Remedies, Holden Rivers, Brittany Small.

Public Hearing will address Proposed 1% Sales tax for District C – TONIGHT

The City of Natchitoches will hold a Public Hearing on Monday, June 24 at 4:30 p.m. TONIGHT at the Natchitoches Municipal Building located at 560 Second Street. The purpose of the public hearing is to address any questions or concerns pertaining to the Proposed 1% Sales Tax for Economic Development District C.

Those with questions are encouraged to attend, but should also know the public hearing will be live streamed via the Natchitoches Parish Journal at CLICK HERE – > Natchitoches Parish Journal

Let’s get the facts straight…The rest of the story…

Upon reading Natchitoches Times article, “Sales tax raises controversy; Let’s get the facts straight”, and viewing the June 20, 2019 Natchitoches Parish Journal, “Magnolia Minute”, I felt it necessary to inform the residents and visitors to Natchitoches why myself and every other hotel operators at Interstate 49 cannot support Ordinance No. 23; that will levy a 1% sales tax within Economic Development District C.

First, what is an “economic development district?” Economic development districts aka TIF districts (can be setup in multiple ways depending on municipality.) In the case of the City of Natchitoches, Economic Development District C was redrawn with no residents in it to prevent citizens the ability to vote for issues in that district. Thus, the power to levy the new tax is in the hands of our five-person city council. Currently, there is a 2% TIF Tax being collected exclusively from all hotels in Economic Development District C (I-49) and Economic Development District A (Historic Downtown Area). Economic Development District B is located at the Waterwell Road Exit on I-49. Please note, the TIF Tax collected in District C (I-49) can be used for projects in District A & B, and vice versa. It is speculated that most of the District C TIF tax money collected has subsidized District A with the occasional bone being thrown out to the I-49 District to keep us quiet. The City of Natchitoches has been collecting this TIF tax since 2011, and where this money is going, I can only assume.

Economic Dev District A Ind Dev Board.jpg
From Natchitoches Times May 1, 2014

Another question: Why is the proposed tax only being levied against the businesses in Economic Development District C(I-49), and not Economic Development District A (Downtown Front Street), when both would benefit from any additional tourism. I can only speculate, but my guess is: 1) Different rules are set for certain areas of the city based on which areas wield the most political power (the haves and have nots); and/or 2. This strategy is to divide and conquer. In other words, there will be little resistance from the other districts to the current proposed tax on I-49 businesses in District C, because the tax wouldn’t affect the other districts. If this passes, District A and all the downtown businesses will likely be next for added taxes. By dividing support and resistance, it is much more likely the both taxes would pass.

Citing Natchitoches Times June 14 2019, “Mayor Issues letter concerning sales tax” Mayor Posey is quoted, “it should be noted; revenue will primarily come from people passing through the area.” Cavalier words…this simply does not reflect reality. A majority of the fine people that stay in the hotels all over Natchitoches WORK here. International Paper, Alliance Compressor, Pilgrim’s Pride, Weyerhaeuser, and numerous oil and gas crews that employ a large amount of folks in our community would be displeased to know the money they spend in Natchitoches is so casually taken for granted by our local government.

This morning when viewing Magnolia Minute: MAYOR LEE POSEY – PROPOSED 1% SALES AND USE TAX FOR DISTRICT C. One thing stood out, Mayor Posey was relatively accurate in his statements that District C was created, and hotel owners let him know tournaments are an economic driver for tourism here. He then approached the hotels in advance asking for a tax increase, and discussions included proceeds to go to NSU. Additionally, the Mayor advised hotel operators the park project was running over the original budget and all meetings ended cordially.

But, what Mayor Posey didn’t say is what should concern the residents and visitors coming to Natchitoches: The Economic Development District C hotel operators met with the Mayor on three separate occasions: 2017 at Hampton Inn, 2018 in the Mayor’s office and 2019 at the Natchitoches Conference Hall. Meetings in 2017 and 2018 were memorialized in letters emailed to the Mayor’s office to be part of the public record. (see attached)

What you find in the memorialized email to the Mayor is the hotel owners needed assurances of fairness, in relation to tax collection for all hotel operators. I-49 Hotel owners also wanted to know the costs and revenue to operate the park. We are still waiting for those answers. Operators also inquired on where the TIF collections were used and requested some say in future spending. Once again, no answers. However, the one deal killer that has not changed since the initial meeting with Mayor Posey in 2017, is the lack of desire and effort by the City of Natchitoches to collect TIF and City Taxes (now officially TIF and City Tax arrearages) from the Chateau St. Denis. For the City of Natchitoches to ask for a new tax when there is outstanding tax money that is owed and collectible is unfathomable, and frankly, unfair to the other law-abiding, taxpaying businesses and citizens of Natchitoches. The Attorney General of Louisiana gave an opinion about this situation stating the owed back tax must be collected if feasible. Paraphrasing Mayor Posey from the 2019 hotel operators meeting, he said he had no control over Jerry McWherter (Administrator of the Natchitoches Parish Tax Commission.) Well, from my understanding, Mayor Posey is a commissioner on the Natchitoches Parish Tax Commission, which has authority over the tax commissioner. So, yes, he can do something. He could vote to remove the Tax Administrator if he refused to follow direction of commissioners. The question is, why doesn’t he? A few months back, I brought this point up to the Mayor in a conversation, and, again paraphrasing, the mayor said, he hadn’t been to any of those Tax Commission meetings”, and according to the minutes of those meetings, that’s true. He has not been to any monthly Natchitoches Tax Commission Board meetings even though he is one of six commissioners. Considering our District Attorney Billy Joe Harrington, the Louisiana Legislative Auditor, the Attorney General of Louisiana, Jeff Landry, and the Louisiana Dept. of Revenue have all been notified, and all are investigating, in some capacity, the Natchitoches Tax Commission’s actions; why wouldn’t the Mayor demand the collections of the taxes when he has the power to do so?
Mayor Posey is quoted, in the June 13, 2019 Natchitoches Times article, “1 cent sales tax levied on I-49 corridor to support sports park” “the City will be “desperate” for revenue to operate and maintain the sports park since there is not enough reoccurring money in the recreation budget for that purpose.”

If that quote is true, the Mayor should be demanding the Natchitoches Tax Commission to collect the money it so desperately needs, not skipping almost every meeting for the past year, and failing to fairly collect taxes from all the businesses in town, especially when there are known tax arrearages that are collectable.

I encourage all citizens to show up Monday at the city council meeting to voice their opinions, and demand accountability for fairness and justice in how our city is run. My suggestion is to dedicate the existing 2% TIF tax to pay for the expenses of the new ballpark. Then, the City of Natchitoches should collect the back taxes owed. Let’s show the State of Louisiana we treat all businesses fairly, and the government in Natchitoches will not tolerate corruption or favoritism within its ranks.

Jay Sharplin


Emailed letter to Mayor Lee Posey, Feb 28, 2018

NSU Wind Symphony to perform in Spain at international conference

It’s been a busy summer for Northwestern State University’s Wind Symphony. Members of the ensemble are preparing to perform at the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles conference in Buñol, Spain July 10-13. WASBE is the only international organization of wind band conductors, composers, performers, publishers, teachers, instrument makers and friends of wind music. It is the only organization completely dedicated to enhancing the quality of the wind band throughout the world and exposing its members to new worlds of repertoire, musical culture, people and places. The conference is held every two years.

NSU was one of seven groups chosen to perform and was one of two selected from the United States. Ensembles from Australia, Canada, Italy, Spain and Portugal will all play at the conference.

“Being selected to perform at the international level is an honor and speaks volumes about the dedication of everyone involved in the School of Creative and Performing Arts,” said senior music education and music performance major Hope Spaw of Bossier City. “This opportunity would not be possible without the past members of our wind symphony and their contributions they made while they were in school.”

To apply for WASBE, Director of Bands Dr. Jeff Mathews submitted a recording of the ensemble’s spring concert for review by the WASBE artistic council. The recording was peer-reviewed by an international committee of wind band conductors. He also submitted concert programs covering the last three years to inform the artistic council of the style and caliber of work the ensemble typically performs, a history of the program and a proposed program of what they will perform at the WASBE conference in Spain.

“This has been a long-time goal of mine.” said Mathews, who conducts the Wind Symphony. “Bands from all over the world apply for this opportunity, so the committee recognized the quality of our program. It is the result of the work done over the years to build the School of Creative and Performance into a world-class program.”

The NSU Wind Ensemble is a concert band that performs in winter and spring that is counterpart to the Spirit of Northwestern marching band. Participation is by audition and members are regarded as among the top musicians in the department.

“Over the past 30-plus years, we have built an outstanding marching band, so it is gratifying that our concert band — our serious musical side — is being recognized as well,” Mathew said. “Some of our best recruiters are band directors out there and they understand what this means.”

NSU’s performance at the conference will be live-streamed for internet viewers and recordings will be available for purchase of the performance.

Notice of Death – June 23, 2019


Shane Kerry
March 01, 1937 – June 20, 2019
Visitation: Thursday, June 27 from 2-4 pm at Blanchard-St. Denis Funeral Home

William “Bill” E. Gillock
September 17, 1942 – June 20, 2019
Arrangements TBA

Mary Frances McHenry Taylor
August 08, 1945 – June 19, 2019
Arrangements TBA

Dessie Davenport, Jr.
November 17, 1959 – June 19, 2019
Arrangements TBA

Kendall “K.D.” Hardison
March 9, 1991 – June 19, 2019
Arrangements TBA

Kendrick Mancell Williams Sr.
February 23, 1980 – June 18, 2019
Service: Saturday, June 29 at 11 am at the Winnfield Memorial Funeral Home Chapel
Interment: Springville Cemetery of Coushatta


Marcelle Dinnat Campo
January 22, 1934 – June 21, 2019
Service: Monday, June 24 at 10 am at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in Pineville
Interment: Alexandria Memorial Gardens


George Alvin Vaughn
May 08, 1930 – June 21, 2019
Service: Monday, June 24 at 2 pm at Rockett-Nettles Funeral Home Chapel
Interment: Zion Cemetery


Rufus Green
August 21, 1982 – June 15, 2019
Arrangements TBA