Kevin Lee Joins Ivan Smith Team

Everyone will be thrilled to learn that Kevin Lee is joining the Ivan Smith team. In a transitional phase with his property management businesses, Kevin felt the opportunity to work at Ivan Smith came at the perfect time.

He received a text about the job opening as he was driving into town, and decided to apply. Kevin knows it’s impossible to make all the traffic lights from his house, and through town, without getting stopped by a few red ones. On this day, he passed every single intersection without stopping. Kevin says he took this as God giving him the green light on his newest business venture.

“Ivan Smith is still a family-owned store and that’s what I’ve always been involved in,” said Kevin. “I thank all my former customers for their support throughout the years and I’m happy to be working for a business that’s customer friendly and gives the same quality service I find is so important in our line of work.”

Kevin has been in the furniture industry since he was 12 years old, which means he’s racked up 45+ years of experience. His father, Douglas Lee, always told Kevin to work with integrity. The doors to his family’s furniture business closed in 2020 as they celebrated his mother’s 80th birthday.

“We are so excited to have Kevin join us at Ivan Smith Furniture Natchitoches,” said Store Manager Dane Terrell. “His experience and caring will serve our customers well. With Kevin on the team, we look forward to having the opportunity to expand our business.”

Kevin is excited to meet new customers but also loves seeing old customers come into Ivan Smith.

“I already know a lot of the staff and have worked with some of them in the past, so in essence, it’s been a homecoming,” said Kevin. “I’m excited to work for a quality company like Ivan Smith. Even when we were ‘competitors’ we always had respect for one another. They welcomed me into Ivan Smith back then, and they’re doing it again today.”

You can find Kevin at Ivan Smith Furniture, 936 Keyser Avenue in Natchitoches, or by phone at 318-352-5889, or by email at KEVIN.LEE@IVANSMITH.COM.