The Augustin Metoyer Memorial Parkway Dedication-a Fitting Tribute

Kevin’s Gallery

The annual St. Augustine Church fair is one of our community’s longest-running traditions, a beloved festival that draws thousands of visitors each year. This year’s festival featured a special event to honor Augustin Metoyer, the man known as “Grandpere Agustin”, who, with his brother Louis, designed and built St. Augustine Church. The parish is still a thriving church community and center of community life, over 200 years after its founding.

A three-mile stretch of the former Highway 493 between Highway 1 and the Melrose Plantation will now be named “The Augustin Metoyer Memorial Parkway”. A ceremony unveiling the new sign was held Saturday, October 8. Deacon Dr. Mark Guidry served as the master of ceremonies. Emile Metoyer spoke of how the inspiration for the highway naming came to him on seeing highways named for people during trips to New Orleans. State Senator Louie Bernard, who shepherded the renaming through the Legislature, gave remarks and stated that the bill renaming the road for Augustin Metoyer was one of his proudest achievements as a lawmaker. The sign naming the “Augustin Metoyer Memorial Parkway” was then unveiled and blessed by Rev. Charles Ray, Pastor of St. Augustine Catholic Church.

The dedication concluded with a memorial in which deceased members of the Creole community were named. As they were named, a descendant of that person released a golden balloon. The “Austin Metoyer Memorial Parkway” is a fitting tribute to a man who is one of the most prominent figures in Louisiana history and a central figure in one of its most unique and enduring cultures.