Mardi Gras king, queen weeks announced

“It is his week.” “No. It is her week.”

Well, the Krewe of Excellence says it will be their weeks. Continuing to prepare for the 2023 Mardi Gras season, LaShonda Gray Berryman and Sean Kevin Pickens have been constantly on the go since their official crowning on June 4. Coronations, public service projects/appearances and everything that encompasses their professional and personal lives.

Krewe members, family and friends, will have a chance to be an immediate part of the 2023 royals lives through social media notes or other kind expressions during October 17-22 (Queen’s Week) and October 24-29 (King’s Week) the krewe has announced. Several activities and events have been planned-honoring them. It is ironic, Berryman’s birthday is October 20 and Pickens’ birthday is October 29. For more information, contact: the krewe’s 2023 ball captain, Cathy Chester at:318-332-0682.