Theta Delta Alumni Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Commemorates 50 Years of Existence

Brother G. Stanley Lewis


In the fall of 1971, there were opposing views as to the need for Omega Psi Phi, a Black Greek-letter fraternity, on the predominantly white campus of Northwestern State University (NSU). The fraternity’s 9th District Representative, along with Brother G. Stanley Lewis, impressed upon college administrators the need to establish an undergraduate Omega Chapter on the NSU campus. Brother G. Stanley Lewis was appointed advisor and on May 20, 1972, 18 young men were inducted into the Theta Delta Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity.

During NSU Homecoming Weekend this October 2022, the members and alumni of Northwestern’s Theta Delta Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity celebrates the chapter’s 50th anniversary and dedicate the celebration to the Reverend Brother G. Stanley Lewis, founder, and advisor as follows:

“Brother, You’re on My Mind”—a community discussion on African American men and mental health

Presentation of the Reverend Brother G. Stanley Lewis Bridge Builder Award to First Baptist Church, North Street

Both the community discussion and presentation of the Bridge Builder Award will be held at First Baptist Church, 201 North Street, Natchitoches, LA on Saturday, Oct. 22 from 9 am – 11:00 am.

“Brother, You’re on My Mind”

African American men often do not share their actual feelings—they tend to mask them. Some of them can manage things okay and do fine. However, there are those who struggle with life’s challenges and need to know that they are not alone.

During this discussion, the Omega Brothers aim to help start conversations about mental health in African American men. They want African American men to:

Be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental illness in African American men.
Understand the barriers to treating depression that are unique to African American men.
Know what they can do to help themselves and their loved ones.

This community discussion is open to men of all ages.

Reverend Brother G. Stanley Lewis Bridge Builder Award

Bridge Builder Characteristics:

Bridges provide a passage across a divide; they connect one part to another. Bridge builders build bridges, not walls. Bridge builders help establish relationships, improve communication, and build trust between conflicting people and groups. They creatively bare their most vulnerable thoughts and experiences to offer peace and comfort to others in challenging times. Bridge builders transform people in countless but positive ways, and the result is a growing community of leaders and members poised to reach across borders, cultures, religions, and mental barriers that keep people apart.

Reverend Brother G. Stanley Lewis was a bridge builder, a devoted family man, servant leader, advisor, mentor, and friend. Brother Lewis built bridges, not walls. He was a person who connected or reconciled opposing parties regardless of age or status in life and worked tirelessly in instilling good character in those he served.

As the Pastor of First Baptist Church, North Street, Brother Lewis followed Jesus’ lead and became a bridge builder for God’s Kingdom.

During the early years of Theta Delta’s existence, First Baptist Church, North Street, became a haven for Sunday Worship Services for the men of Omega Psi Phi, as well as other college students who matriculated at Northwestern State University. College students served in various roles in the church, included Sunday School, the choir, junior deacons, and ushers–simultaneously uplifting the community and themselves.

Bridge Builder Award Criteria

It is fitting that the Theta Delta Alumni of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity presents its inaugural Reverend Brother G. Stanley Lewis Bridge Builder Award to First Baptist Church, North Street.

The Reverend Brother G. Stanley Lewis Bridge Builder Award is presented to a person or organization that:

  • Is of unquestionable character and tremendous strength, and that gives unselfishly of time, talents, and resources to help others in the Natchitoches Community.
  • Connects or reconciles opposing parties while serving multi generations in the Natchitoches Community.
  • Is an active member or participant of multiple organizations designed to serve the Natchitoches community.
  • Demonstrates excellent performance.
  • Possesses outstanding leadership qualities.