NSU ROTC alumni donate ice maker to combat heat illness

By Sid Hall, Military Affairs Coordinator / ROTC Program Manager

NATCHITOCHES – The Northwestern State University Demon Regiment recently donated funds to the Department of Military Science to purchase a commercial grade ice maker to keep cadets safe during training. Whether it be for morning PT (physical training) and land navigation on campus or to bigger events like the upcoming Demon Challenge and field training exercises, maintaining a ready supply of ice sheets and immersion ice chests is a must to ensure Cadet safety.

“The Army has proven that treating overheated Soldiers with ice sheets or arm immersion tubs aids in rapidly dropping the core temperature,” said Master Sergeant Mike Blakely, the Senior Military Science Instructor.” He added, “While we have never had to use them, we bring ice sheets to every training event in case of a heat casualty.”

“Our alumni have been absolutely incredible in listening to our needs and working toward resolving our concerns” noted Lieutenant Colonel Josh Drake, NSU’s Professor of Military Science. He explained, “Several years ago, I was an assistant professor of Military Science elsewhere, and we had nothing in terms of the support we receive from our alumni here at Northwestern. Now that I am the PMS here and interact with a larger number of schools in U.S. Army Cadet Command, I realize how blessed we are to have this level of support from our alumni that fellow ROTC programs do not have. We are so grateful for this donation and the Regiment’s continued support.”

The Northwestern Demon Regiment (NDR) is the alumni arm of NSU’s ROTC program. It was officially recognized by President Randall Webb in 2007. The NDR supports the Demon Battalion’s Corps of Cadets under the leadership of the Honorary Colonel of the Regiment, LTG(R) Joseph Cosumano Jr.; the Chief of Staff, LTC(R) Arthur Smalley; and members of the Executive Council. For more information on the Demon Battalion call 318-357-6951.