DA Harrington Participates in J.R.I.O. Council

After a 2-year hiatus due to pandemic-related restrictions, the Justice Reinvestment
Implementation Oversight Council met this week in Baton Rouge. The council was established in 2017 to ‘track and advise the Department of Corrections and other relevant agencies on the implementation of policy changes required by the Justice Reinvestment legislation” by an executive order from Governor John Bel Edwards.

The council also has the responsibility to make recommendations on the best uses for
reinvestment dollars and monitor the use of those dollars. The council publishes an
annual report on the implementation of the progress, performance metrics, and recommendations offered by the council.

District Attorney Billy Joe Harrington is a member of the council, representing The Louisiana District Attorney’s Association.

“One of my focuses is to ensure that crime victim-related programs are a large part of
the reinvestment process. To date, over $13 million have collectively been redirected
to the Crime Victims Reparations Fund, the Domestic Violence Housing Assistance
Program, crime lab funding for DNA analysis, and victim assistance coordinators who
are part of district attorneys’ offices.

“As the council continues working with the Department of Corrections to ensure the
Justice Reinvestment Initiative laws are being implemented according to the legislative mandate, I will continue to be an active voice to provide revenant facts and information and to monitor the implementation of programs,” said District Attorney Harrington.