Rezoning approved for ‘Frat House’ bar despite owner operating without occupational license

The Natchitoches City Council approved an ordinance at its meeting on Oct. 25 to rezone property located at 7096 Hwy. 1 Bypass (now branded as the “Frat House”). Morgan Papillion is leasing the building and wants to bring an extra bar option to town.

However, Council member Rosemary Washington brought up the fact that Paillion allowed a fraternity to use the facility for a private event when he hasn’t completed the paperwork to get his occupational license, his license for the consumption of alcohol on the premises, or his BA license.

Papillion claims he didn’t charge the frat organization to use the bar for their event and that he didn’t sell them any alcohol. It was, however, a BYOB situation, so there was alcohol consumption on the premises on Oct. 22 during the event.

While Papillion tried to claim he didn’t understand the process, Planning and Zoning Director Shontrell Roque said she was clear in a previous meeting with Papillion when she explained the steps he had to complete before he had the “use by right” for his business.

The Council agreed that because the three violations, which can warrant a fine, were not the focus of what they were voting on at the meeting, they would vote on the agenda item for the rezoning and “deal with the other issue later.”