GLAMM Club started at Lakeview to empower female students

Lakeview has a new group for female students to get involved in. Math teacher Chanda Goff started GLAMM – Gator Ladies Are Making Moves, a girl empowerment group focused on helping girls gain self confidence and skills that help them become successful women. They learn various skills through after school classes.
The first class was last held on Oct. 24 and it covered mental health awareness. The class was also catered and the girls enjoyed light refreshments. They will also get to experience classes in money management, entrepreneurship, fashion, makeup and hair, self care, dining etiquette and much more. The group consists of 20 young ladies who signed up in September. New members can join again next Fall.
GLAMM is currently raising money to purchase blazers for the ladies to have “Dress for Success” days twice a month at school. This past weekend they had a bake sale fundraiser at Smoking on the Red in Campti. 
The group is currently requesting community support in monetary donations as well as volunteers who would be willing to speak during after school classes and share insight and guide the young ladies. If anyone would like to support, contact Mrs Goff at Lakeview,