2022 Christmas Festival Poster unveiled

The new poster for this year’s Christmas Festival was revealed recently in Historic Natchitoches. Artist Brigitte Bechtel, of Shreveport, was house sitting for her parents (Dr. Terry Bechtel, Mrs. Deborah Bechtel) in Natchitoches when she stumbled upon a news article about the Christmas Festival Poster contest.
Brigitte spent some of her formative school years in Natchitoches. While house sitting as her parents travelled South to assist with arrangements after the passing of her uncle Chris Bechtel, she decided to embrace the Christmas spirit and create a piece of art.
A full-time artist for 15 years now, Brigitte has taught at schools and theaters through the years as a scenic artist and designer. When designing her entry for the poster contest, she wanted to keep the elements simple and calming in juxtaposition to what she was going through. 
The first thing she settled on was a Magnolia flower, with a twist. At its center is an old c7 Christmas light bulb to represent the hundreds of thousands of lights that decorate Natchitoches during the holiday season. The finished piece was created with acrylic on illustration board.
“It was nice to design something and focus on that,” she shared. “It was exciting to win, even though that’s not why I entered the contest originally. People are enjoying it now and that makes me happy.”