Chief Nikeo Collins shares a response to concerned citizens regarding recent criminal activity and explains the background that has led us to the current state of crime in the City of Natchitoches


In parting I would like to point out that there has been an increase in burglaries as a direct result of suspects seeking firearms in order to sale, trade, or use for violent means. In the past year guns sales have increased by 40% to 39,695,315 nationwide. That’s a lot of guns.
We had 3 guns shows hosted at the Natchitoches Event Center where numerous visitors purchased them directly or through straw ownership. Unfortunately, several owners, despite request by law enforcement, choose to leave their weapons in plain view in automobiles or in unsecured areas of the vehicles. From watching surveillance footage provided by citizens I have observed would be burglars approach vehicles with flashlights to check the interiors.
We have citizens and tourists that leave their personnel items such as purses and valuable on their seats in plain view. It is unfortunate we cannot lock our vehicles and expect them to be safe and protected but we do not live in the times where people do the right thing.