Louisiana State Police Cadet Class 101 Graduates 23 New Troopers

Baton Rouge – Louisiana State Police conducted the historical graduation on Nov. 4 of Cadet Class 101, the first LSP Cadet Class to be exclusively comprised of prior law enforcement officers from around the state.  The Louisiana State Police Training Academy hosted the graduation ceremony where 23 individuals completed their dedicated journey to become Louisiana State Troopers. 

On July 31, 2022, 28 cadets from across the state began an accelerated 14-week advanced training program to expand upon their foundation of basic law enforcement certifications.  Throughout the academy, cadets received training in various subjects including crash investigation, emergency vehicle operations, impaired driving detection, fair and impartial policing, legal aspects and constitutional updates, advanced firearms, and leadership skills in addition to a rigorous physical training regimen.  Surrounded by family, friends, and fellow troopers, 23 of those cadets achieved their goal this morning and received the distinguished badge of the Louisiana State Police.  Having successfully completed the LSP Training Academy, the newly graduated Troopers will deploy across the state, where they will participate in a 10-14 week field-training program while supervised by a veteran Louisiana State Trooper.

For more information on the process of becoming a Louisiana State Trooper, please visit our recruiting page at http://lsp.org/recruit.html or contact a LSP Recruiter atLSPRecruiting@LA.gov

For those applicants not meeting LSP minimum qualifications at this time, immediate positions are available within the Louisiana Department of Public Safety.  Please visit http://www.civilservice.louisiana.gov or email LSPRecruiting@LA.gov for more information.

The following is a list of graduates and their Troop assignments:

Troop A – Baton Rouge

Grant Auzenne

Tenekia Kemp

Troop B – Kenner

Cory Castin

Amber Chopin-Smith

C.J. Seruntine

Troop C – Gray

Aric Mackay

Henry Perez

Austin Travis

Troop D – Lake Charles

Jesse Jordan

Matthew Verheyden

Troop E – Alexandria

Silas Axsom

James Glenn II

Terry Johnson

Dwayne Rice Jr.

Troop F – Monroe

Arthur Bradshaw

Chason Carroll

Troop G – Bossier City

Trent Perritt

Eddie Thomas Jr.

John Wynn

Troop I – Lafayette

Dustin Lavergne

Tyler Scott

Troop L – Mandeville

James Harper

Todd Henry Jr.