Q&A: Faith, persistence, and working together

Our Q&A Column is a way for us to highlight the interesting people within our community.

This week we talked with newly hired Human Resource Director for the City of Natchitoches, Sarah Prudhomme Oubre.

Why Were You Interested In Your Current Role/Job in the Beginning?

I wanted to make a difference.  I believe that giving moral, strategical, and financial support to our employees empower them.  I have many new plans in my new role as Human Resource Director for the City of Natchitoches and I can’t wait to start implementing them.

What Are The Roles Of Your Position?

Benefits specialist, plan administer, onboarding/off boarding employment, labor/workforce reporting, and employee engagement.

What Major Challenges Have You Faced So Far?

Finding new ways to make things more efficient and introducing new technology.  I am developing this role with a fresh start.

What Kind of Strategies And Mindset Is Required For This Role?

Patience and diligence to persevere through setbacks and change.  It is also important to communicate professionally.  I believe that all employees and people should all be treated as equals; working together.

How Do You Stay Motivated In Your Work?

I remember all the “thank you/s” I receive.  The people who come in to my office with a question, hopefully leave with not just an answer, but more than they’ve asked for.  Educating and training people with a new outlook or advise to help them on and off of work is meaningful.

Describe A Time When You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learned?

Luckily I have not so far in this role, however jobs in the past, I have made mistakes as any person would.  Never big ones but even the small ones are learning lessons too.  I have learned to be mindful when hiring, scheduling, and have a better work life balance.

Tell me something fun that not many people may know about you.

I can be adventurous and love to travel.  I have parasailed, scuba dived, hiked mountains and more.  Switzerland, Rio de Janeiro- Brazil, and Peru are on my bucket list.  I do have a few trips planned before that will happen that are already booked.

I am also a pretty good dart player and billiards/pool player.

If You Could Time Travel, When Would You Go?

Hopefully to a time where people treated each other better!

I would love to have one more conversation with my grandmother.

What’s Your Best Natchitoches Memory?

I would have to say Christmas Festival is a staple!  Every year growing up in Natchitoches, there was always something to look forward too.  I can just imagine every year now looking back.  The parade, the great food, and amazing fireworks with friends and family made some happy memories. 

What Is The Best Piece Of Advice You’ve Received?

To strive to be UNOFFENDABLE.  When you can walk in a way that nothing can get to you, your inner thoughts, or change your destiny, you can train your mindset to be positive.

It can be hard to just “let it go”.  But you have to ask yourself, is that comment, set-back, or negativity really worth it?  Are you going to let it consume you or cause you to do more harm?  And who does that really effect?  YOU!

What Accomplishment Are You Most Proud Of?

First, I would have to say I give all the glory to GOD!  I am proud to be a mother, a college graduate, a dedicated wife, a loving daughter, and now an influence.

Through faith and persistence all things are possible.