Only God: Thoughts of Thanksgiving

By Edwin Crayton/Opinion

They can legalize marijuana,
But only God can send the rains required to grow it.

Billionaires can launch space ships to explore new worlds,
But only God can actually create new worlds.

They can take a precious baby’s life.
But only God has the power to give life.

They can make a man look like a woman.
But only God can create a real woman.

They can remove God’s commandments from in front
of court houses. But only God can make sure that
justice is served inside that court house and every other one
in the land.

We can neglect to thank God for his many blessings
and instead turn a day meant for giving thanks to him, into
just another day that’s really all about us. But only God can
give us the blessings that fill our dinner tables and our wallets.
And only he can wake us so that we can enjoy them again the next day.

As our world unwisely continues to rebel against God and his holy word,
It is comforting to remember that God is always in control and that he
blesses in a special way, those who are faithful. Pray that we Christians
will be faithful and obedient to him despite the costs of doing so, and that we
will express sincere thanks not merely on Thanksgiving Day, but the other
364 days of the year as well. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.