Mayor addresses recent outbreak of violence in Natchitoches

Mayor Ronnie Williams Jr. posted the following message on Nov. 29 on Facebook addressing the outbreak of violence in Natchitoches, which is in a word, deplorable.
While it may seem that those who are eroding our sense of security are great in number, I assure you they are not. Most residents desire to live a quiet and peaceful life in our beloved City. Currently, this desire is being plagued by a comparatively small number of bad actors who refuse to adhere to our societal demands for law and order. Know that I am working with Police Chief Nikeo Collins and Sheriff Stuart Wright, along with others, to squash this uptick of violence. Those who choose to engage in these horrendous acts of violence will be met with severe consequences for their actions.
But we can only be successful in our pursuit of peace if we work together. I am calling on every resident to join together to expel the bad actors from our community. If you see something, say something! If you have information about a crime, report it anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 318-238-2388. If your friend or loved one is in trouble or involved in criminal activity, reporting them to law enforcement could save their life. Faith leaders, pray for our residents on both sides of this problem.
Community activists, pool your resources and work together to lead our youth who are involved in so many of these instances to a better approach to conflict resolution.
There is no one solution to this problem. We must stand united and refuse to allow the increased violence that is being experienced nation-wide to become the norm for the great City of Natchitoches. Not here. Not now. Not ever.