BDJ Center Kicks Off 2022 Continue the Legacy End of Year Campaign

Become a BDJ G.E.M.! This is the Ben D. Johnson Educational Center’s promotion for the 2022 Continue the Legacy End of Year Fundraising Campaign. G.E.M. stands for Give Every Month. A recurring donation is the best kind of support for a nonprofit. Even a small recurring donation is a valued gift, helping to provide some stability to those who are providing stability to others. We ask that this holiday season, you think about what monthly expense you might be able to do without and instead give towards our mission of transforming lives and building community in Natchitoches. Could you commit that $5 you would’ve spent on a latte to the BDJ Center once a month?  

The BDJ Center offers the Legacy Workforce Development Program which is available for free to participants. This program serves SNAP receiving and SNAP eligible individuals. Participants can earn up to 8 different certifications through the various programs, including their High School Equivalency Diploma (HiSET), a Work Readiness Certification, and 6 Industrial Readiness Training certificates, including OSHA-10 and Power Industrial Truck Certifications. During their time in the program, participants receive individualized case management, and are connected to services and resources such as childcare, transportation assistance, and health services so that they can get a strong start at a new direction in their lives. 

The funding the BDJ Center receives through the federal SNAP Education & Training program covers 50% of the program expenses, leaving the other 50% to be raised by the BDJ Center through grants, sponsorships, and most importantly, through individual donations from the general public. 

To learn more about the LWD Programs, make a donation, or sign up to become a G.E.M., visit the website at:, email or call (318) 460-7460. 

The Ben D. Johnson Educational Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit and its mission is to build community in Natchitoches and provide access to social and economic success to all residents.