NPTCC Announces Progression Incentives for Students taking LEAP 2025

Natchitoches Parish Technical and Career Center has detailed an incentive to award students for increased scores on the LEAP 2025 exam. Beat the LEAP is the slogan to motivate students to focus on improving scores in tested subjects. Students who show growth of twenty-five points or higher will be treated to a select field trip. Students pushing the envelop and raising their score by forty points or more will be treated to an NBA game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the New Orleans Pelicans on Feb. 4, 2023. 

Students can earn the opportunity to participate in both trips depending on their score. Expected increases are based on previous test scores in each core subject. Teachers have communicated with their students concerning their individual target scores and parents are encouraged to discuss their student’s goals with them. 

High school testing for the fall semester begins Monday, Dec. 12 and ends Friday, Dec. 16. All test scores should return by mid-January.