SURVEY RESULTS: Electric & Water Rates

This survey is a simple snapshot of the opinions of those that participated between Saturday, December 10 and Sunday, December 11, 2022.  

The total number of participants were 2,105.

1,617 of them self-disclosed their status as a current “C.O.N. Utility Customer.”  The results shown below only reflect this group of 1,617.

The self-disclosed “Not a C.O.N. Utility Customer” and their opinions were excluded.

Should the City of Natchitoches Electric Bills be increased?
YES 5.93%
NO 94.07%
Should the City of Natchitoches Water Bills be increased?
YES 7.23%
NO 92.77%
Is your Electric bill:
Too High 77.18%
Too Low 00.09%
Correctly Priced 22.73%
Is your Water bill:
Too High 66.05%
Too Low 02.03%
Correctly Priced 31.92%
Were you aware that your Electrical and Water bills could be increased with just three (3) “FOR” votes of the five (5) Councilmembers and not a vote of the Citizens or customers?
I am aware 24.30%
No, I was not aware 75.70%
Finally, are you aware that within the City of Natchitoches, you have NO other options for a different utility company to obtain more competitive rates – that you are a “forced” customer.
I am aware 77.55%
No, I was not aware 22.45%

During the council meeting TONIGHT, the agenda shows that the council will introduce an Ordinance to Amend And Reenact Sections 30-18 And 30-42, Both Of Which Are Located In Article Iv Of Section 30 Of The Code Of Ordinances Of The City Of Natchitoches, Entitled “Utilities”

Said Amendments Being Made to Implement Increased Rates For Electrical Service, And increase the Rate Schedule For Water Use.

Visit Natchitoches City Ordinances – Chapter 30 HERE