Daily Life of a NCHS student 

By Kathryn Phelps 

Hi! My name is Kathryn Phelps, I am a Sophomore at Natchitoches Central High School, and I couldn’t be more proud! So far I have enjoyed my first semester, I learned lots of new things, met a ton of new people! This semester was also a little challenging as well, but it needs to be or we won’t be able to grow and learn! Throughout this article I want to share with you what a regular day looks like for me. 

Before I begin, I want acknowledge how many awesome things have changed since my freshman year. Who knew that just playing music in the atrium in the morning would make such a big difference? So far, I would say this is my favorite thing that the school has changed. And can we talk about the amazing new murals on the school? I love them, I think they add so much life to the building. One more new thing that I admire and have the honor of being apart of is Chief Council. It’s an outstanding student government organization, it is very hands on and the student body gets to play a part in making the school more fun.

My day at Central starts bright and early at 7:45. Just how I like it. My first class is speech I, with Coach Mindy Stokes. I love this class because I have met and bonded with tons of new people. However, I am not a big public speaker whatsoever, for example in the 5th grade I cried in front of my whole class. Not one of my best moments, any way, moving on. I was very nervous for this class because I didn’t want to embarrass myself, but I think it was fair to say we were all nervous the very first couple of times. This class had some of funniest people I had ever met, I would like to think I was one them…hahaha! I learned how to give a proper speech. So now I can correct my mom when she has to speak at important meetings. My favorite speech was “most embarrassing moment.” That’s a story for another time.

When 9:12 comes around it’s time to move to second block. My second  block is Geometry with Mr. Odom. Math and I have a love-hate relationship. Some weeks I’m on top of the world, and the next I’m crying to my mom telling her, “I think its best I just drop out.” I struggle a lot with math and I always have. However, Mr. Odom has helped so much during his class. I thought I wasn’t going to pass and the world was ending. I will admit I was being a little dramatic. I ended up finishing with a B. I couldn’t have done it without Mr. Odom and without the patient help of Ms. Zenda Owens. We love her! Even with all these struggles I grew so much, and if I can prove that a triangle is a triangle, I believe I can do anything as this point. 

When 10:44 rolls around it’s back upstairs to go to WIN. WIN is “Whatever I Need.” I’m not even going to sit here and lie to you. This is not one of my favorites, however, I did finish a really good book in this period so maybe it wasn’t all that bad. In WIN we do two things: read for 15 minutes, and ACT prep. But for me, the last 10 minutes turns into Wordle. Principal Coach Coleman, if you’re reading this…I’m so sorry. 

Bell rings…It’s now 11:33, time for third block. My third block is English II Honors (sorry had to throw the honors in there). I’m a proud girl! I have the complete honor of being taught by my Aunt Callie, also known as Mrs. Richardson. I love English. It’s my favorite and it really, truly feels like an honors class. We go fast and learn a lot. I finally figured out how to use a comma as well. Being in this class has taught me many new things that I will remember forever as I go through school. My peers and I always help each other, and we have great conversations about english. One more thing I would like to add is my LEAP score went up tremendously (all the credit to my lovely Aunt).

Now it’s 12:40 (aka the best time of the day)…LUNCH TIME. Right when the bell rings I get up and speed walk, sometimes run if its gumbo day. Yes, I run to lunch, I recommend it to anyone. When you get downstairs you have a total of three options: chicken sandwich or burgers, pizza (my favorite), and regular school food. The regular food is just as good. I may add, I like lunch because I get to talk. I love to talk…you can just ask my mom. When 1:00 rolls around, it’s time to go back to english for another 20 minutes.

It is now time for fourth block. Look, you’re almost done with school! My fourth block is volleyball. This sport has a very special place in my heart. I’ve played it since the 5th grade and have loved it ever since day one. On some days I do wonder why I am even doing it to myself, but we all have our bad days, just like any other athlete. I cherish this time of the day as I get to see my favorite people in the world, my teammates. I don’t have much time left with my seniors before they leave, so anytime they come in, we make the best of it. Being part of a team is so important to me. We had an amazing season and we couldn’t have done it without our dedicated coaches, the students who come supports us, and the parents who love us so much and pay the bills. 

Whew! Look at the now it is 3:00 you made it to the end of the day! 

 Natchitoches Central High School is my favorite place to be, I love this place because all 1,200 of us are one big family. NCHS has been through a lot of loss this semester. When things like this happen I love that we lean on each other and we come back stronger than ever. There’s no school I’d rather be than at Central! GO CHIEFS!