Village of Natchez receives Keep Louisiana Beautiful Beautification Grant

The Village of Natchez recently received the KLB Beautification Grant.  The purpose of the Keep Louisiana Beautiful Beautification Grant is to create beautiful, well-maintained gardens and plantings to inspire community pride and improve the appearance of communities throughout Louisiana.  

It is a known fact that people are less likely to litter in areas that are well maintained and beautiful, so reducing litter in highly visible areas is an additional key driver of this grant.  KLB will award funding for planting projects in highly visible areas that enhance the beauty of public spaces, promote community pride, and help reduce litter.  Priority planting project include “Welcome to City” entry point signage and gardens, highway corridors and medians, roadways and intersections, streetscapes, and other highly visible spaces. 

Residents, and visitors please be on the lookout for two new welcoming signs and streetscape as you approach the Village of Natchez Community. The Village of Natchez Administration is excited about this project that is coming to our community and look forward to bring more projects to the Village of Natchez Community.