Village of Natchez receives grant to improve Pecan Park

The Village of Natchez Community is the recipient of FY-2021 Louisiana Community Development Block Grant that was provided through Coronavirus funds. The awarded amount is estimated to be $125,000. The purpose of the this grant is to help local government entities take action to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

This funding was allocated to prevent, prepare for, and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Funding was provided by the Office of Community Development  for the development or rehabilitation of outdoor fitness and recreational parks in jurisdictions that meet the National Objective requirements of Low to Moderate Income Areas, and to provide suitable space for activities to encourage physical distancing and support social distancing guidance.  

The Village of Natchez plans to use the funding to make repairs to the Natchez Pecan Park area located at 219 Main Street Natchez.  Proposed improvements will be updating and repairing the restroom area that currently needs remodeling with new urinals, toilets, sinks, doors, roof, soap and tissue dispensers, and new paint. Improvements also include overlaying the current parking lot (size 65×155) to make 26 designated parking spots and adding additional shaded spaces; new benches and picnic tables with ADA compliant so residents, visitors, and families can enjoy; up-dating the playground area that needs renovations; paint; new equipment and to become ADA compliant for children who may have a disability; extending the walking track to the entrance of the park and make it ADA compliant for people who are disable or wheel chair bond; adding three fixed BBQ grills in the park area so families can enjoy outdoors grilling.

The Village of Natchez Administration is also excited about this opportunity as it will promote a better quality of life for residents of Natchez and surrounding communities.  As our community has a vast amount of natural beauty we want to expand on it to make the entire town just as beautiful.  As our community works together, to make our community park a safe and accessible space for youth and adults to remember, enjoy, and talk about everywhere.  This project will increase recreation activities and encourage young and older adults to come out and enjoy an outdoor green space with family and friends.