Twice the Citizen – NSU’s Army ROTC Builds Young Men and Women

“The reservist is twice the citizen.” – Winston Churchill

The large field between Turpin Stadium and University Columns Apartments was transformed into a battlefield Thursday, February 9 as NSU’s Army ROTC units conducted a Platoon Attack Lab. Senior cadets conducted and evaluated the exercise as younger cadets formed squads and a command element in order to drive the enemy away from and seize an objective. Drills like these form the basic skills that the cadets will build upon as they progress through the ROTC program and into the Army as young officers.

NSU’s Army ROTC program currently has 28 cadets, ranging from incoming freshmen to graduate students. The program has been at NSU for over 70 years and commissions five to ten officers each year. The cadets will go on to serve as officers in the active Army, National Guard and Army Reserve when they graduate.
The cadets carry a full load of college courses in addition to their ROTC classes. Students in any of the university’s majors are welcome. The summers may find them jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, rappelling out of helicopters, or honing and testing their leadership abilities at Advanced Camp. Several other cadets recently served summer internships with Army units in Hawaii and Kentucky.

Army ROTC is more than a scholarship program; it is a chance to learn that you are capable of much more than you realized. If you would like to get more out of your college experience, contact NSU Army ROTC at 318-357-5176 or stop by the James Noe Armory on campus.