McGrath leaves library, interim director appointed

The vacancy of the Natchitoches Parish Library Director was questioned during a discussion of library funding at the Natchitoches Parish Council meeting on Feb. 22. Council member Chris Paige said he’d heard Library Director Jessica McGrath had taken another job and that the library was advertising to fill the vacancy.

To confirm, the NPJ searched for minutes from the Library Control Board’s meeting on Feb. 20. The minutes state the following:

Board discussed the advertising and hiring for the position of Library Director.

Motion was made by Tracy Brown to name Vallery Washington as Interim Library Director, effective March 1, 2023. Seconded by Rev. Dr. Frank Fuller. Motion passed.

Motion was made by Rev. Dr. Fuller to set the Interim Director’s salary to that of the current Director. Seconded by Tracy Brown. Motion passed.

Motion was made by Karen Terrell to set the salary range on the job description for the position of Library Director as $65,000-$80,000. Seconded by Carmella Parker. Motion passed.

There was no other business on the agenda for the meeting.