The Real Views Is Back in Circulation to Serve Natchitoches Parish

Latorria Freeman, Publisher

The Real Views is a free newspaper that went out of commission in 2016. The newspaper is now back in circulation with a mission to create immense benefits for the community.

The Real Views Newspaper was a renowned syndication in the Natchitoches Parish and the multicultural communities. With a mission to uplift the community and offer exciting opportunities, the newspaper is now back in circulation with a new look and feel. Now revamped under the direction of a new publisher, the newspaper’s motto is: “A community with a voice shall be heard.” From news and community discussions to job tips and money-making guides, The Real Views Newspaper aims to raise the bar high in 2023 and become a powerful platform for community members to engage, share information and reap benefits.

A spokesperson for The Real Views Newspaper made an official press statement, “We are now very excited to be back in circulation for 2023 and beyond. With so much exciting content planned for the year, The Real Views Newspaper is now fully geared to become more than just a news source. While we will offer archived news on the website, current news will be shared in a free printed newspaper. Our core vision is to become an important hub of community activities and interactions.”

The spokesperson added, “Aiming to highlight the positive developments in the community, the newspaper will also work to bridge the gap between the public and our community leaders. While leaders will be encouraged to write articles to address the public, the average citizens will also be allowed to sound off about their expectations for local leaders.”

Being completely free, The Real Views Newspaper, with its riveting journalism and educational content, will bring the community together in 2023 to create a truly positive change. With a mission to highlight the hard work of community police officers, firefighters/fire service workers, business owners, church members, and community leaders, the newspaper will also be working to empower the community by inspiring entrepreneurs and offering vital life skills/advice to the community youth and native residents.