City Council works on redistricting map

City of Natchitoches Proposed “New Map”

The NPJ attempted to compile an article to expand on the impact an ordinance introduced at the Feb. 27 City Council meeting would have on the Council members districts through the establishment of new districts to better reflect the most recent census data.

When the NPJ reached out to Council members, there was some concern that the map attached to the ordinance at the Feb. 27 meeting, was not the map the members had originally agreed to. The NPJ was told that since the ordinance was introduced, it will have to be tabled at the next City Council meeting on March 13 and a new ordinance with the map approved by the Council members will need to be introduced to follow meeting procedures.

District 1 – Eddie Harrington
District 2 – Dale Nielsen
District 3 – Christopher Petite
District 4 – Rosemary Elie

Councilwoman At Large – Betty Sawyer-Smith

LEFT – Proposed “New Map” | RIGHT – Current City Map